WhirlyBall and Laser Sport Celebrate 25 Years

WhirlyBall / Laser-Sport is celebrating their 25 year anniversary. You should celebrate their anniversary with a great game of Whirly Ball or Laser Tag. Whirly Ball is an awesome team-building adventure that incorporates bumper cars, rugby and basketball into one awesomely fun game. Laser Tag offers even more opportunity for corporate team building in an incredibly fun environment.

When you do something for 25 years, you get really good at it. WhirlyBall / Laser Sport are the experts at corporate team building activities, church group activities, and everything that is family fun in the Cleveland area. What could be more fun than a game of tag? Continue reading

E.F. Boyd & Son: Your Greater Cleveland Premier African-American Funeral Home

E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home and Crematory has been serving the Greater Cleveland community for over one hundred years. From humble beginnings and a one man operation, E.F. Boyd & Son has grown to become the premiere African-American funeral home in Cleveland and the surrounding areas.

E.F. Boyd & Son was founded by Elmer Franklin Boyd in 1905. At that time, there were only a limited number of professions for an African-American man to choose from. Mr. Boyd decided to attend Clark’s College of Embalming, which has since become the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science.

After graduation, Mr. Boyd opened the E.F. Boyd Funeral Parlor on Cleveland’s Central Avenue. Continue reading

WhirlyBall/Lasersport Has Your Cleveland Area Tax Season Stress Relief

Need some tax season stress relief? Work it out at WhirlyBall! WhirlyBall/Lasesport, near Cleveland, has everything you need to let go of the stresses of tax preparation and filing. Make this Cleveland area indoor sports arena your destination this April!

Tax day is a mere four weeks away, and you can see it in the frazzled looks on the faces of CPAs and individuals who have attempted to file their taxes themselves. There are other looks, too; the gleam in the eyes of folks checking their bank accounts each day to see if their refund has arrived, or the drawn features of those who have discovered that they owe. No matter what your tax circumstances are, it is a stressful time of year for nearly everyone.

So, how do you find tax season stress relief once April 17th has come and gone? Continue reading

Pure Water Technology Has Cleveland’s Best Water Purification Devices

Pure Water Technology, located in Cuyahoga County’s largest community, Cleveland, Ohio, is taking water purification and devices to the next level. Their water purification solutions go beyond standard filters and bottles to bring safer, better tasting, and more environmentally friendly water to you at the touch of a button.

Many people in Cleveland and throughout the country drink bottled water every day. As you shop in Cuyahoga County, you may have noticed the water bottles getting flimsier, and the caps getting smaller. These changes are being made in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic packaging for bottled water. But is it enough?

The short answer is no. Pure Water Technology does not reduce plastic packaging and the greenhouse gases that are emitted in the creation and distribution of bottled water, they eliminate it. Continue reading

WhirlyBall & Lasersport: All-Ages Activities for Church Group Functions

WhirlyBall is all-ages fun for church groups and more!Looking for a way to breathe new life into church group functions and activities that feel a bit stale? Whirlyball/Lasersport in Bedford Heights, Ohio is the all-ages solution to the church group challenge!

Perfect for children’s groups – members as young as seven can participate in Lasersport, and just nine years old for WhirlyBall. Continue reading

Off the Leash for Dog Sleepovers and Daycare in Strongsville, Not Boarding

Off the Leash Dog Daycare doesn’t do “boarding”; they have dog sleepovers and pajama parties instead! Located in Strongsville, Ohio, Off the Leash is more than just a place for your dog to spend a fun day of play while you are away for a long work day or have errands to run. They also offer full day and night services that are perfect for when you have to be away for a business trip or it’s time for your well-earned vacation.

Ask any pet owner who is going out of town what they have to go through to make arrangements for the four-legged members of their family, and they will likely tell you that it is an ordeal, and that they spend a good bit of their “time off” worrying about their pet’s wellbeing. Off the Leash takes the stress and worry out of boarding your dog or dogs while you are away because it is unlike any other pet care facility you’ve seen. You will be able to enjoy your vacation or focus on your business comfortable in the knowledge that your dog is receiving excellent care, socializing with other dogs, and probably having the time of his or her life! Continue reading

Basketball or Baseball in Cleveland? No, Thanks; I’ll Take WhirlyBall

Let’s face it, the sports teams in Cleveland, well…to be kind we’ll just say that they aren’t quite as successful as one would hope. WhirlyBall rules when it comes to fun sports activities, both viewing and participating and here is why. Baseball is boring enough without the losing games element thrown in; so to add consistent losing adds another layer of suck to the baseball viewing experience in Cleveland. Without Lebron basketball in Cleveland is…you fill in the blank. If you are a Cleveland Sports Fan, you already know disappointment (quite well). But don’t let that keep you down. We have a solution that will work for any office sports junkie to the most inactive couch potato.

How about a sport where you get to be Lebron without actually exercising? WhirlyBall…. Continue reading

Cleveland Cinemas and Melt Bar & Grill Toast “The Godfather”

Cleveland Cinemas and Melt Bar & Grilled are joining forces with a special offer to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Godfather. In addition to the savings that are being offered by Melt Bar & Grilled and Cleveland Cinemas, you can find more special offers at iShopCuyahoga.com and iShopSummit.com!

The Godfather is playing at Cleveland Cinemas’ Capitol Theatre in Cleveland and at Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill in Cuyahoga Falls. The celebration of this classic film will last for one week, beginning on Friday, March 9 and running through Thursday, March 15, 2012. At the Capitol Theatre, you can enjoy a newly re-mastered digital version of the movie with 5.1 sound. The showings at Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill will feature the traditional 35mm film print. Continue reading