Second Sole Lyndhurst Brings Back Mayfield Mile Community Run & Competitive Race to Area Runners

If you missed a certain local running event in 2011, you will be pleased to know that…the race is back! That’s right, the Mayfield Mile, organized by Second Sole Lyndhurst, presented by Newton Running Shoes, is back on track and scheduled for Sunday, June 3rd, in Lyndhurst, Ohio. If you are a runner from Cleveland, Ohio, or surrounding Cuyahoga County, Ohio looking for a community run or a competitive race, then it is time to give all your fellow athletes a call and invite them to participate in the Mayfield Mile run! Second Sole has everything you need for the race, including Mayfield Mile run information!

The Mayfield Mile run is a USATF certified event. Runners can expect a very fast and downhill race. Continue reading

Marcella Boyd Cox of E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home Is Working to Spread Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention in Her Cleveland, Ohio Community

Keathun Gale and Crystal Murphy of the Collaborative Initiative to End Human Trafficking

Marcella Boyd Cox of E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home in Cleveland, Ohio is following in the footsteps of her father, William F. Boyd Sr.  She understands the importance of staying active and becoming a leader in her community. She also works to educate and protect her community by making them aware of potential dangers, whether health risks like those addressed at last month’s Minority Men’s Health Fair, or societal dangers such as human trafficking.

An interactive presentation was held at the Fatima Family Center on May 17, 2012, and was free and open to the public. Presented by the Community Relations Board, “Let’s Put a Stop to Human Trafficking” was a joint effort between the City of Cleveland and the Collaborative Initiative to End Human Trafficking to spread awareness and promote action. Speakers at this event included Crystal Murphy and Keathun Gale of the Collaborative Initiative to End Human Trafficking and Karen McHenry from Bellefaire JCB. It is through open dialogue and events like this one that communities become educated about potential dangers, and can find ways to protect themselves, their loved ones, friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Continue reading

WhirlyBall/Laser-Sport Is Your Cleveland, Ohio and Solon, Ohio Summer Vacation Family Fun Destination

It’s the time of year that children look forward to and well…parents hate. Summer vacation is upon us in Cleveland, Ohio and Solon, Ohio! Yes parents, that time has come where your home will again be invaded by whines of “We’re bored!” But, have no fear! Family fun at WhirlyBall is here! WhirlyBall/Laser-Sport in Bedford Heights, Ohio that is!

WhirlyBall has so much to offer for summer entertainment that you simply must share this great idea with other parents in the neighborhood! Continue reading

Second Sole Prepares Lyndhurst, Ohio and Surrounding Community Runners for Cleveland Marathon & Youth Marathon Program

On your mark…get set…go! To Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio! Runners of all ages (including community youth) in Lyndhurst and the surrounding Cleveland, Ohio area are gearing up for the 35th Annual Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Saturday, May 19th and Sunday, May 20th in Cleveland, Ohio.

Second Sole is proud to be a sponsor of a marathon that features one of the flattest and fastest courses in the country. The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon offers a full marathon experience including a half marathon, 10k and 5k event. Second Sole takes pride in knowing that this event offers something for just about everyone in the community. Serious runners can qualify for the Boston Marathon, family and friends can walk the 10k, children can take part in the kids run…there is literally something for everyone! Even if you don’t run! Continue reading

E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home Chairman Honored by Cleveland, Ohio’s 89th Street Name Change to William Boyd Sr. Way

What an honor it would be to have a street named after you. What do you think it would take? What kind of commitment to your community and service would be required to cause such a thing? Look to William F. Boyd Sr. of E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home for an example, as Cleveland, Ohio’s 89th street will soon be renamed William Boyd Sr. Way.

If you’re not familiar with E. F. Boyd Funeral Home or Mr. Boyd, you may have a lot of questions right now. Perhaps you’re wondering, why 89th street? That’s an easy one: Since 1938, the main headquarters of E. F. Boyd & Son (which now includes three funeral homes) has been located at 2165 East 89th Street in Cleveland. At this location alone, hundreds of families have found solace, and have had the opportunity to grieve and mourn in their own uniquely personal ways. Continue reading

WhirlyBall & Lasersport in Bedford Heights, Ohio Is the Cleveland Area’s Best Place to Play and It’s Getting Bigger & Better

Where do you go to play in the Cleveland, Ohio area? If you didn’t answer WhirlyBall and Lasersport in Bedford Heights, Ohio, then you are missing out. If you did answer WhirlyBall and Lasersport, then you will be pleased to know that your favorite place to play for families, kids, and adults alike is about to get even bigger and better!

How could they improve this already fantastic facility that’s perfect for kids of all ages and kids at heart? Well, it starts with a 10,000 square foot expansion. If you can’t quite picture 10,000 square feet, here’s a reference that may help: a regulation tennis court is 800 square feet, so this expansion is about twelve and a half tennis courts! Wow!

Of course, it isn’t tennis balls that will be rolling around once the expansion is complete, but bowling balls! Continue reading

Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room Provides Independence, Ohio with Savory Summer Salads & Specialty Drinks

Specialty coffee drink at Brielle's in Independence, Ohio

A beautifully crafted specialty drink at Brielle's Coffee & Tea Room

Warning: Reading about Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room in Independence, Ohio might cause you to have an uncontrollable urge to devour delicious gourmet baked goods, indulge in homemade soups and garden fresh salads, or tantalize your taste buds with a salad wrap or sandwich. And if all of that leaves you thirsting for more, you are in luck! Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room offers specialty coffee and tea drinks from around the world. But don’t worry you don’t have to travel around the world for all this goodness, simply head to Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room on Brecksville Road in Independence.

Open seven days a week, Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room is perfect for breakfast lunch, or an early dinner! But, life is short, so we are going to talk desserts first! In fact, Brielle’s suggests you start with dessert first! Who can resist homemade baked goods like muffins bursting with delicious flavors, or ooey gooey cookies, specialty cakes, tortes, assorted pastries, cheesecake, and add a scoop of gourmet ice cream or sorbet to any one of these deserts and the calories magically disappear. They really do!

Okay, so all that for breakfast might be a bit too much, that’s why Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room offers lighter and healthier choices too! Continue reading

E. F. Boyd & Son’s Compassionate Staff Works to Provide Best Funeral Related Services to Cleveland Area Communities

At E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home in Cleveland, Ohio, there are no “second string” team members. Each and every person on the staff has an important role to play in providing the best possible service to every client. Whether you are planning for the future or have more immediate needs, the staff at E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home will work together to ensure that you receive the highest caliber of pre-planning and funeral related services available in the greater Cleveland area.

Some of the staff positions at E. F. Boyd & Son require specialized training and education, however, there is one thing that every staff member must have, and it cannot be taught. What is it? Compassion. Continue reading

BTU Comfort Solutions Is Parma, Ohio’s Locally Owned Family, Operated Heating & Cooling Company Serving Cuyahoga County, Ohio

BTU Comfort Solutions, located in Parma, Ohio, has grown from a small home-based business to the full-service heating and cooling company serving communities in seven counties throughout Northeast Ohio—including parts of Cuyahoga County—that it is today. Despite its growth, it is still a locally owned, family operated business which treats its customers, both residential and commercial, like neighbors, not numbers. Whatever your needs, from sales to installation to maintenance, BTU Comfort Solutions is the local company to call. Continue reading