Visit Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio to Save on Montrail and Pearl Izumi Shoes!

Take a look outside of your Cuyahoga County, Ohio window. We may be nearing the end of summer, but the weather is as beautiful as ever! Now is the perfect time to lace up your tennis shoes and head outside for an invigorating run! But, you notice that your footwear has definitely seen better days. It’s hard to enjoy a run when your rubber heel is falling off! Fortunately for you, Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio frequently offers great running shoe deals to Cleveland, Ohio area natives. When you print off your coupon from and stop in to Second Sole Lyndhurst, you can save on Montrail and Pearl Izumi shoes!

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WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport’s Laser Tag Is a Game for All Ages for Family Game Day in Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Hey, kids! Listen up! Now that school is back in session throughout the Cuyahoga County, Ohio area, and parents have waged an all out war on children (you know…do your homework, go to bed early, pack a healthy lunch, blah, blah, blah) isn’t it payback time? How about a little friendly competition of parents versus children at WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport in Bedford Heights, Ohio?  Sweetly suggest that your Cleveland Heights, Ohio family could use a family game day what with everyone being so busy now, and that laser tag is the perfect game for all ages!

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E.F. Boyd & Son Is an Established Funeral Home in Cleveland, Ohio and the U.S.

Many businesses state that they are the “best” at what they do. Yet, that’s not often the case. Consumers are frequently taken in by false promises made by companies, only to be disappointed in the end. So how do you know that you are dealing with a truly honest, hard-working, and compassionate group of people? You take a look at how they are involved in their community, and what professional organizations they choose to affiliate themselves with. When you examine E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home in this way, it’s obvious that it is a truly exceptional business in Ohio. Continue reading

Plan on Whirlyball, an Action Packed Family Fun Game for Your Next Cleveland, Ohio Area Outing

What’s the most fun fifteen minutes you’ll ever have? Whirlyball! Located in Bedford Heights, Ohio, Whirlyball brings the entertainment and excitement of lacrosse and bumper cars into one action packed family fun game. But, don’t take our word for it.  This is definitely something you need to experience for yourself.  So, if you’ve been looking for an entertaining family and friends outing in the Cleveland, Ohio and Parma, Ohio area, Whirlyball/Laser-Sport is it. Continue reading

Meineke Services Include Custom Bent Exhaust Pipes & Performance Exhaust System Installation in the Parma, Ohio Area

How much of your Parma Heights, Ohio vehicle exhaust system do you see on a daily basis? Probably just the tailpipe and perhaps a small portion of the muffler—unless your vehicle happens to be a motocycle. The full system, of course, is significantly more complex, and runs the entire length of your Old Brooklyn, Ohio car or Brooklyn Heights, Ohio truck. But, many drivers have an “out of sight, out of mind,” mentality when it comes to exhaust repair and maintenance. Meineke Car Care Center in Parma, Ohio understands this, and strives to provide every type of exhaust system service possible to all types of vehicle. Whether you need muffler replacement, performance exhaust system installation, or custom bent exhaust pipes to fit any vehicle, Meineke is the place to go. Continue reading

Visit Your Local UPS Store in the Cleveland, Ohio Area to Ship Forgotten Items and Send College Necessities

Dropping a child off at college is always a difficult thing to do. Feeling a little sad and nostalgic, you decide to take a short tour through their room when you return home. But after a quick glance around the open space, your eyes land on something that definitely shouldn’t be there—a laptop. That’s one of the most important items your student will need at school! But what do you do if your child is attending a university out of state and you can’t take it yourself? You make a quick stop at your local UPS Store, of course! With locations in Cleveland, Ohio; Avon Lake, Ohio; Shaker Heights, Ohio; and Westlake, Ohio, The UPS Store is a convenient way to ship forgotten items from your area. Whether you need to send college necessities immediately, or you simply want to mail a care package to your child, The UPS Store can have your parcel delivered quickly and safely. Continue reading

Visit WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport in Bedford Heights, Ohio for Summer Break Activities

Can you believe it’s already the middle of August? Where did the summer go? If you’re like most people, you think it must have disappeared. It seems like we didn’t have time to do anything new or exciting! Children are already starting to count down the days until they will be forced to return to school. But it isn’t just the kids who are feeling the loss of summer—adults are already missing it too! Well, we all just need the right activity to improve our moods. WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport in Bedford Heights, Ohio can provide end of summer fun with their indoor games for kids and adults. Located just minutes from the Cleveland, Ohio and Shaker Heights, Ohio area, WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport is a great place to go for summer break activities. If you want a way to bring back the smiling faces in your home, take the short trip to WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport before school starts! Continue reading

Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room Is Your Locally-Owned Coffee House in Independence, Ohio

Are you a frequent visitor of area businesses? If so, you probably have a few reasons as to why you prefer them over big chains. For starters, products tend to be more affordable than the ones you get from big-name companies. The atmosphere is also a welcome change from the loud, crowded store and restaurant chains. Plus, you are helping to support the area by purchasing your items from local vendors. If these reasons for shopping or eating at community-oriented establishments apply to you, then you should make a quick trip to Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room in Independence, Ohio. A locally-owned coffee house in Cuyahoga County, Ohio with an extensive drink menu, Brielle’s has all of the aforementioned characteristics. When you stop by Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room, you can get a tasty beverage and help to support the city, as well as nearby Seven Hills, Ohio. Continue reading

BTU Comfort Solutions Supplies 13-15SEER Energy Efficient Cooling Systems to Parma & Cleveland, Ohio

When you make your home or living in Northeast Ohio, keeping the indoor temperature comfortable can be one of your biggest day-to-day challenges. Our predictably unpredictable weather, leaves you constantly guessing so having a reliable heating and cooling system is absolutely imperative. Of equal importance is knowing who to call for the very best in sales and service. That’s where BTU Comfort Solutions comes in. Locally owned and operated in Parma, Ohio, BTU Comfort Solutions serves Cleveland, Ohio and other communities throughout Cuyahoga County, Ohio. They offer a wide range of energy efficient cooling systems, including EPA certified systems that use ozone-friendly refrigerants, and 13 – 15 SEER systems. Continue reading

Second Sole Lyndhurst Has Specials on Cross Country Spikes & Training Shoes for Cleveland, Ohio Area Runners!

If you’re a cross country runner in the Cleveland, Ohio, then this blog is definitely for you! Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio is celebrating the commencement of cross country season with a slew of sales, promotions, and special events just for you! As you gear up for the coming season, make sure you’re picking up your cross country spikes and cross country training shoes at Second Sole Lyndhurst, and don’t miss their special running clinic at the end of the month!

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