ALLERGY RESPIRATORY & SLEEP MEDICINE Establishes a History of Helping People through Research Studies and Clinical Trials in Canton Ohio

It is not unusual for a patient visiting the Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine center in Canton, Ohio to spend the day in bed under the watchful eye of its caring staff. This happens all the time because when Dr. Given set up his new clinic and research center where he conducts research studies with patients who volunteer for clinical trials, he set aside a comfort room just for this purpose. Dr. Given cares for his patients in a kind and compassionate way. He is the team leader in the office and his staff emulate his passion for good patient care.

Dr. John T. Given has been in practice since July of 1984 starting out in a small suite in the Dartmouth Medical Building next to Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio. It didn’t take too long to outgrow the three-exam rooms (one exam room had to be used for an office) and so Dr. Given and his staff moved to a larger office in the same building where his practice grew until it required enough floor space to warrant a big move. That happened 10 years ago with a 5,000 square foot office in the Belden Village area. But that move proved to be a short stop because five years later, in 2006, Dr. Given set up his Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine practice and research study in a new clinic located at 4048 Dressler Road NW in Canton, Ohio.

Early on, back when they were seeing patients in the Dartmouth Medical Building, Dr. Given began doing clinical trials and research study with patients who volunteered and established a small research center in order to conduct research studies. His patients responded well to the clinical trials that tested new medications for conditions such as Adult and Pediatric Asthma, Adult and Pediatric Allergic Rhinitis, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and hives. Today these clinical trials and research study and new research center are an integral part of Dr. Given’s practice and he cares for about 200 research study volunteers a year who come to the research center for research studies on a voluntary basis for the clinical trials. They receive free medical care and medicine at the research center as part of the research studies as well as extensive education about their conditions. The program has been very successful with 99% of patients reporting a positive experience.

The Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine clinic also cares for patients with conditions that include nasal and sinus symptoms, allergies, hay fever, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, cough, sinusitis, sleep apnea, severe snoring, daytime sleepiness and hives. They perform allergy testing and lung function testing. They have a research center that conducts clinical trials for research studies in the office as well as an immunotherapy lab where allergy shots are administered. They also do their own xrays right there. Dr. Given and nurse practitioner Jennifer Moyer, CNP along with 32 support staff members handle a patient base that numbers into the tens of thousands. Many of the staff have been with Dr. Given for 20 plus years.

What makes this clinic different from others in the area, according to staff member Melanie Carlson, is that each clinic employee is an extension of Dr. Given himself. They take a team approach to patient care and everyone is in the loop about care plans, progress and changes. Dr. Given really believes in patient education and research. Part of his “doctoring” is teaching his patients about their health, their condition and how to support their body in achieving and maintaining optimal health. Dr. Given’s staff says he thinks outside of the box. He is very creative and he “just wants to help.”

To find out more about Dr. Given, Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine, the clinical trials or a research study or how to become a patient, log on to their website or give them a call at 330-479-3333

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