Back to School Prep includes Safety Tips from E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home in East Cleveland, Ohio

The old adage an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is entirely true. Similarly, precaution can prevent an unfortunate accident. And as kids get ready to head back to school, the caring staff at E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home in East Cleveland, Ohio is reminding all to put safety first. The following school bus stop safety tips and steps for kids walking to school can help students in Euclid, Ohio; Mayfield, Ohio; and all points elsewhere make it to class and get home safely.

First and foremost, children should be instructed to walk and not run. And all walking should occur on the sidewalk or on the left side of the street if no sidewalk exists. This leads the list of school bus stop safety tips, and it’s certainly pertinent to kids walking to school. Running is a no-no for both groups as it lessens their ability to watch where they’re going and react quickly to what may be coming. This could be another child, a car, or a school bus.

E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home’s caring staff

Once at the bus stop or while walking to school, running and playing is strictly prohibited. Instead, children waiting for a school bus should stand in a designated, safe space. And those walking to school should move expeditiously with no unplanned stops, shortcuts, or detours. Extremely important is that all kids should be reminded not to talk to anyone they don’t know and never accept a ride from a stranger.

School bus stop safety tips from any number of sources emphasize proper boarding and exiting. In either instance, it’s imperative that students avoid the danger zones. These are the areas directly in front of and behind the bus as well as along its sides. Similar to blind spots in passenger vehicles, the danger zones are spaces in which a bus driver’s line of sight is limited or eliminated. So, students entering school buses in Euclid like those existing school buses in Mayfield must be taught to maintain a 10-step safety distance.

This can be easily explained during a back to school chat. Parents and caregivers can instruct students to always approach a bus via a straight line from the bus stop to the bus doors. And when exiting, they should take 10 steps from the bus doors before turning right or left. Should a child drop something when headed to or from a bus, school bus stop safety tips cover this danger too. Rather than simply go for their fallen object, students should first let the bus driver know where they are and where their object is. With the bus driver’s full attention, it is then safe to retrieve the object unless the bus driver says otherwise.

Getting kids ready to go back to school is as much a time for shopping as it is for reviewing safety precautions. And while we have discussed school bus stop safety tips and provided pointers for kids walking to school, there’s more to share. For instance, parents of bus riders in Euclid, Ohio should discuss on-bus behavior to include sitting flat in a seat at all times. And parents of walkers in Mayfield, Ohio should make sure their children know how to properly cross a street and proceed through a busy parking lot. The staff at E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home wants every child to have a safe, productive school year. To learn about the local business or get more input from its team, visit or call 216.791.0770.

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