Bake Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Sweetheart with Help from Jan’s Confectionary Supplies near Parma, Ohio

The most romantic holiday of the year is coming up in just a few days…so, what do you have planned for your loved one? A heart-shaped box of chocolates? A candlelit dinner at their favorite restaurant? Or, did you two decide to refrain from making any elaborate Valentine’s Day plans? Whatever the case may be, there’s nothing that can sweeten up this special day more than by making your significant other some delicious Valentine’s Day treats by hand! February 14th is a great time to whip up holiday desserts because there are so many fun designs and recipes that you can use! And after you pick up a few ideas from Pinterest or your favorite cooking website, you can get all of the tools and ingredients you need from Jan’s Confectionary Supplies near Parma, Ohio! By taking the trip from your Lakewood, Ohio or Cleveland, Ohio home to Jan’s Confectionary Supplies, you can purchase festive cookie cutters, pink and red sprinkles, pink and red chocolate, candy molds, cake pans, icing dispensers, colored glaze, and more!

Jan’s Confectionary Supplies is just as excited about this upcoming event as their customers, which is why they’ve stocked their Parma area store with all kinds of Valentine’s Day-themed goodies. Every item you need to mix, bake, and decorate your holiday desserts can be found at this locally-owned shop for a reasonable price! Not only does Jan’s allow you to take advantage of the largest selection of baking and candy-making equipment in the area, but they strive to make their products as affordable as possible. Even those on a budget can still craft a fantastic Valentine’s Day treat for their significant other!

If nothing on Pinterest or any other site has struck your fancy, you’re sure to be hit with inspiration when you take the trip from your Lakewood or Cleveland home to Jan’s Confectionary Supplies. As their shelves are filled with yummy ingredients and useful equipment, Jan’s will undoubtedly give you a great idea as to what Valentine’s Day treat you can make for your sweetheart. For instance, you could melt some of their pink and red chocolate and drizzle it over pretzels in a cute design! Or, make heart-shaped sugar cookies using festive cookie cutters. Plus, you could always bake cupcakes and cover them with pink and red sprinkles! As Jan’s Confectionary Supplies has all of these pink and red sprinkles, chocolates, and festive cookie cutters in stock now, you have a variety of options when it comes to your holiday dessert.

If you’d like to learn more about what this Parma, Ohio area store has to offer, visit their website at If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give them a call at 440.845.2022. However, if you’re at a loss for what kind of Valentine’s Day treat to make for your sweetheart, make sure you take the trip from your Lakewood, Ohio or Cleveland, Ohio home to Jan’s Confectionary Supplies. That way, not only can you purchase some of their pink and red chocolate, pink and red sprinkles, festive cookie cutters, and more, but you can also get holiday dessert tips from Jan herself!

Jan’s Confectionary Supplies
6370 York Rd
Parma Heights, Ohio 44130
Ph: 440.845.2022

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