Basketball or Baseball in Cleveland? No, Thanks; I’ll Take WhirlyBall

Let’s face it, the sports teams in Cleveland, well…to be kind we’ll just say that they aren’t quite as successful as one would hope. WhirlyBall rules when it comes to fun sports activities, both viewing and participating and here is why. Baseball is boring enough without the losing games element thrown in; so to add consistent losing adds another layer of suck to the baseball viewing experience in Cleveland. Without Lebron basketball in Cleveland is…you fill in the blank. If you are a Cleveland Sports Fan, you already know disappointment (quite well). But don’t let that keep you down. We have a solution that will work for any office sports junkie to the most inactive couch potato.

How about a sport where you get to be Lebron without actually exercising? WhirlyBall…. Think of it as sitting on your couch (that is on wheels and moves fast) with a beer and a lacrosse stick. You get to inflict pain on your opponents (co-workers), and beat up on them without having to out run or out jump any of them. Team building has never been more entertaining! You get the benefit of team building (conspiring against another group of co-workers) to achieve a win for your team. What could be more rewarding?

WhirlyBall provides you with safe bumper cars to begin your ground assault in. Your bumper cars (think couch with wheels) weigh 350 pounds and provide an equalizing force for even the slightest among us. Women can compete right along with the men as size DOES NOT matter in WhirlyBall. It levels the playing field and allows for true strategy to help get your team a win.

Five person teams make a WhirlyBall team. The bumper cars travel at 8 miles per hour on an 80’ by 50’ foot court. Each player carries a plastic scoop to pick up, throw, and catch the WhirlyBall which is a softball-sized whiffle ball. The goal is to hit a 15 inch target that is 10 feet in the air on both ends of the court.

WhirlyBall is much more interactive than watching any boring sporting event. (Especially in Cleveland where loss probabilities seem to run high) It is great because it does encourage teamwork, and weather is not a factor when scheduling your next team building outing. WhirlyBall also is just a great place for workers to get to know each other in a non-work setting.

If you are looking for an awesome place for team building in Bedford Heights, Ohio, or Cleveland, you have found your source!

WhirlyBall costs $125 per hour, but it is a small price to pay for the kind of fun you and your business colleagues will have here.

For more information about WhirlyBall and corporate team building, and to schedule your next corporate event, CLICK HERE.

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