Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room Is Your Locally-Owned Coffee House in Independence, Ohio

Are you a frequent visitor of area businesses? If so, you probably have a few reasons as to why you prefer them over big chains. For starters, products tend to be more affordable than the ones you get from big-name companies. The atmosphere is also a welcome change from the loud, crowded store and restaurant chains. Plus, you are helping to support the area by purchasing your items from local vendors. If these reasons for shopping or eating at community-oriented establishments apply to you, then you should make a quick trip to Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room in Independence, Ohio. A locally-owned coffee house in Cuyahoga County, Ohio with an extensive drink menu, Brielle’s has all of the aforementioned characteristics. When you stop by Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room, you can get a tasty beverage and help to support the city, as well as nearby Seven Hills, Ohio.

Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room has been serving up their delicious pastries, specialty beverages, and freshly prepared foods for quite a while now. Patrons from all over the Independence and Seven Hills area stop by Brielle’s to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with friends or to grab a quick bite to eat. Not only does Brielle’s have an extensive drink menu for customers to choose from, but their reasonably-priced selection is especially pleasing to those who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg! When you stop by this locally-owned coffee house, you can enjoy a hot beverage and a sweet pastry for less than you probably think. And best of all, you can actually savor your meal and the experience! Unlike big chains that are usually loud and overcrowded, Brielle’s provides a place with a soothing atmosphere in which you can relax and enjoy your purchase in peace.

But what really makes Brielle’s a Cuyahoga County gem is its commitment to the area. Being a locally-owned coffee house, Brielle’s helps to keep income within the Independence and Seven Hills area. When you make your purchase, you can feel good knowing that your money isn’t going to some big conglomerate that’s based miles away—you’re putting money right back into your neighborhood. Brielle’s is a community-oriented establishment that works to improve the area and connect with customers. Stopping by Brielle’s isn’t like going to a chain where your barista remembers your order but forgets your name. Not by a long shot! Instead, you will feel as if you’ve found a home away from home. The staff at Brielle’s is genuinely interested in meeting new customers, and always greets regulars like old friends. That’s something you just can’t find anywhere else!

So if you’re the type of person that likes to enjoy quality service while helping to support the Cuyahoga County, Ohio area, visit Brielle’s Coffee House & Tea Room in Independence, Ohio. Just minutes away from Seven Hills, Ohio, this locally-owned coffee house offers an extensive drink menu and a wide variety of tasty foods to choose from. For more information about this community-oriented establishment, visit their webpage at or call 216.642.9292 today.

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