BTU Comfort Solutions Is Offering Furnace Assistance to Cleveland, Ohio with the New Government Mandates

With winter approaching, everyone wants to make sure that their home is well heated. However, with new government mandates regarding condensing furnaces coming into play, it’s best to make sure you’re really winter-ready. Don’t worry though, because BTU Comfort Solutions in Cuyahoga County, Ohio can help get you ready for the cold season to come. Install an 80%-95% efficient gas furnace today for your commercial or residential location near Parma, Ohio and be prepared before anyone else is. Even if your furnace just needs a repair, BTU Comfort Solutions can help. Their professional and experienced staff can assist with replacement heater parts and filters to your Cleveland, Ohio home. What really sets BTU Comfort Solutions apart from the competition is their 24 hour emergency furnace service. Customer service is one of their top priorities, so wouldn’t you want someone as reliable as BTU Comfort Solutions if your furnace was in need of repair?

Not sure the new government mandates regarding condensing furnaces will affect your Cuyahoga County home? As of May 1, 2013, furnaces that do not meet the efficiency regulations of a 90% or higher will not be able to be installed in your home. If you don’t want a 90% efficiency furnace or just don’t have the setup, you can still buy an 80% efficiency furnace to replace the old one you currently own. Knowing this, why not get a head start and replace that old furnace in your Cleveland or Parma home now? If you don’t think you can afford it, don’t worry. BTU Comfort Solutions offers 36 month financing to those eligible, whether you’re in a commercial or residential location. Still not sure it’s in your price range? BTU gives upfront pricing, meaning that what they say is what you get, hands down. How many companies do you know that would do that? Not many. On top of that, BTU Comfort Solutions offers 24 hour emergency furnace service. If something breaks down, BTU can send one of their highly skilled staff with replacement heater parts and filters to ensure it gets back into perfect working order. Right now, BTU is offering great prices on 80% – 95% efficiency gas furnaces to help you out this holiday season. Keep warm with BTU Comfort Solutions and get a jump start on replacing that old furnace before it’s too late!

Living in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, we know that winter can be brutal. With BTU Comfort Solutions, you can keep warm and know that your Cleveland, Ohio or Parma, Ohio home is running as efficiently as possible. With 24 hour emergency furnace service for replacement heater parts and filters to your location, BTU Comfort Solutions is the company you can trust. Just give them a call at 440.398.9415 to talk to one of their staff members. Visit BTU Comfort Solutions’ website at to view the urgent government mandates or to just browse the site to learn more about their condensing furnaces.

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