BTU Comfort Solutions Offers Winter Heating Tips for Residents in Cleveland, Ohio

It’s a tale as old as time… As the weather begins to cool in Northeast Ohio, our electric bills begin to increase. Any idea of saving money or trying to conserve energy is easily tossed out the window as we turn on the residential heaters of our Cleveland, Ohio homes and prepare for those long winter nights to hit us. BTU Comfort Solutions in Parma, Ohio wants to help you find the perfect balance between staying warm and avoiding those costly electric bills by offering you some quick and simple winter heating tips and tricks about how to winterize your Cuyahoga County, Ohio home.

Living in a state that experiences cold winter weather, the idea of not turning on your residential heater at one point is completely impractical. However, you will find that one of the simplest winter heating tips you can do in hopes of lowering your heating bill is to lower your thermostat. Dropping your thermostat just one degree can help you see as much as a three percent reduction in your Cleveland home’s monthly energy bill. If you are truly seeking a way to conserve energy, going as far as lowering your thermostat ten to fifteen degrees while you are at work or asleep will help lower your bill by as much as ten percent.

Other ways you can help keep your Cuyahoga County home warmer is to take advantage of the natural energy sources you already are exposed to. Leaving your curtains open during the day will expose your home to the daytime sun while closing your blinds at night helps act as a source of insulation. Instead of keeping your bathroom door closed during your hot shower, leave the door open and leave the ventilation fan off. This will allow the steam from your shower to circulate throughout your home and help with warming the overall temperature, at least temporarily.

Be sure to check your Parma home for possible areas that heat can escape. Lighting a candle and holding it near a window, door or light fixture will help you get a good indication about if you need to invest in some simple cost efficient ways to winterize your home, such as using weather-stripping or even adding a little more insulation to your home. If the smoke from the candle moves horizontally as opposed to rising vertically, it might be time to head to the local home improvement store and pick up some low-cost caulking.

One of the most important things you should have done is to have your residential heater checked by a professional. You can make sure your heater is running more efficiently by removing the filters in your heating system and ensuring they are clean, but every type of heater should be professionally looked at, at least once a year. BTU Comfort Solutions’ team of highly qualified technicians is happy to help in ensuring your heating system is working at optimum efficiency.

Trying to conserve energy and save a little money in Cleveland, Ohio is easier than anyone could have ever imagined! By following some simple winter heating tips and doing a few things to winterize your home, you will no longer fear the next heating bill you receive in the mail. At BTU Comfort Solutions, they look to help ensure your Cuyahoga County, Ohio home is properly heated this winter with a variety of services and residential heater products. So regardless if you have been living in Parma, Ohio for a few months or your entire life, invest in some comfy (and maybe colorful) socks, turn down that thermostat and enjoy the fact your heating bill isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg this year!

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