BTU Comfort Solutions Supplies 13-15SEER Energy Efficient Cooling Systems to Parma & Cleveland, Ohio

When you make your home or living in Northeast Ohio, keeping the indoor temperature comfortable can be one of your biggest day-to-day challenges. Our predictably unpredictable weather, leaves you constantly guessing so having a reliable heating and cooling system is absolutely imperative. Of equal importance is knowing who to call for the very best in sales and service. That’s where BTU Comfort Solutions comes in. Locally owned and operated in Parma, Ohio, BTU Comfort Solutions serves Cleveland, Ohio and other communities throughout Cuyahoga County, Ohio. They offer a wide range of energy efficient cooling systems, including EPA certified systems that use ozone-friendly refrigerants, and 13 – 15 SEER systems. Continue reading

BTU Comfort Solutions Is Your Home Cooling System Specialist in the Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, Ohio Area

June in Ohio. Generally, it’s considered a time of relief for people across the “Buckeye State.” Here in Northeast Ohio we have been blessed with plenty of blue skies and sunshine. Unfortunately, this also means that we have been “lucky” enough to experience some near record breaking temperatures already. There’s rarely a happy medium for us Ohioans, but fortunately we have ways to combat the blazing summer heat. BTU Comfort Solutions, located in Parma, Ohio, is the company to call when you are having issues with your home cooling system. In the 80+ degree we’ve been experiencing lately, now is not the time to be waiting around for air conditioner repair and maintenance. If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio; Parma, Ohio; or Cuyahoga County, Ohio area and are in need of a reliable heating and cooling company, BTU Comfort Solutions is the business to call.

So what is so great about BTU Comfort Solutions, you ask? The list of reasons is almost too long to type! Continue reading

BTU Comfort Solutions Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips & Repair Services Keep You Cool this Summer in Cleveland, Ohio

In typical Northeast Ohio fashion, the summer heat arrived early. Then it left for a little while. Then it was back, then…well, you get the picture. The March heat wave caught everyone off guard, and many people tried to get their home air conditioners running without the best results.  One call to the Cleveland, Ohio area’s home heating and cooling experts for maintenance and repair, BTU Comfort Solutions quickly set things right, though. Here, BTU Comfort Solutions owner Don shares some tips to help you prepare your Parma, Ohio or Lorain, Ohio home cooling system for summer!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if heating and cooling systems were self-maintaining? Sadly, this is not the case, and many of us feel like we’re in over our heads whenever we have to deal with our central air or furnace. However, there are things that you can do to help your system to run more efficiently, and to prevent the need for repair when you need your air conditioner or furnace the most. Continue reading

BTU Comfort Solutions Is Parma, Ohio’s Locally Owned Family, Operated Heating & Cooling Company Serving Cuyahoga County, Ohio

BTU Comfort Solutions, located in Parma, Ohio, has grown from a small home-based business to the full-service heating and cooling company serving communities in seven counties throughout Northeast Ohio—including parts of Cuyahoga County—that it is today. Despite its growth, it is still a locally owned, family operated business which treats its customers, both residential and commercial, like neighbors, not numbers. Whatever your needs, from sales to installation to maintenance, BTU Comfort Solutions is the local company to call. Continue reading

Pure Water Technology Has Cleveland’s Best Water Purification Devices

Pure Water Technology, located in Cuyahoga County’s largest community, Cleveland, Ohio, is taking water purification and devices to the next level. Their water purification solutions go beyond standard filters and bottles to bring safer, better tasting, and more environmentally friendly water to you at the touch of a button.

Many people in Cleveland and throughout the country drink bottled water every day. As you shop in Cuyahoga County, you may have noticed the water bottles getting flimsier, and the caps getting smaller. These changes are being made in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic packaging for bottled water. But is it enough?

The short answer is no. Pure Water Technology does not reduce plastic packaging and the greenhouse gases that are emitted in the creation and distribution of bottled water, they eliminate it. Continue reading