Enjoy a Day of Shopping by Using the Dog Sitting Service from Club K9 of Wickliffe near Cleveland, Ohio

Like those with human children, many pet parents find it difficult to run errands when they have a small family member to worry about. Summer is an especially tough time for dog owners because it’s too hot to leave your furry friend in the car while you rush into the store, dry cleaner, bank, or post office. Unfortunately, many pups don’t like the idea of staying at your Eastlake, Ohio or Kirtland, Ohio home while you go on a car ride. One possible solution? Enrolling your pet in dog day care or taking advantage of in-home pet care from Club K9 of Wickliffe. Dog sitting services from this local facility near Cleveland, Ohio vary, ranging from kennel-free dog boarding within their building to dog walking around your own home.

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Take Advantage of the Dog Sleepover Party at Club K9 of Wickliffe near Mentor, Ohio and Enjoy a Night out

As a pet parent, your furry family member is a top priority. You undoubtedly spend hours playing and cuddling with your dog, so it’s tough when you have to leave him or her alone for an evening. However, if you want to enjoy a night out in Cleveland, Ohio, you need to find a way to entertain your pup so you don’t come home to a disaster zone. If you’re looking for an affordable pet sitting service and plan on going out the last weekend in June, why not take advantage of the dog sleepover party at Club K9 of Wickliffe? Unlike a traditional kennel facility, Club K9 of Wickliffe goes above and beyond to keep their canine guests happy! By signing your pup up for overnight dog boarding, you can feel confident knowing that he or she will be well cared for by experienced dog sitters. Plus, your pet will also have the opportunity to play with other dogs from all over the Mentor, Ohio and Willowick, Ohio areas!

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Looking for a Full-Service Canine Training Facility? Head to Lake County, Ohio’s Own Club K9 of Wickliffe

Though there may be a number of establishments around your Cleveland, Ohio or Mentor, Ohio home that offer dog training, they’re not all guaranteed to have certified trainers on staff. In fact, some may have only completed a few weeks of schooling before they began to offer their services! Plus, you never know if the facility you take your pet to is just another kennel, or a full-service canine training facility that cares about the work they do. Fortunately for nearby residents, Club K9 of Wickliffe belongs to the latter category. In addition to being an experienced trainer and therapy dog evaluator, the owner and operator of this Lake County, Ohio establishment is part of the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program and provides foster care for local dog rescues.

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Looking for a Dog Trainer? Trust the Canine Expert at Club K9 of Wickliffe near Willoughby, Ohio

If you’re a pet parent, then few things are more important to you than your four-legged friend’s health, safety, and happiness. You buy the best dog food, you take them to the vet for checkups, and you provide them with as much love and attention as possible. So, doesn’t it make sense to put as much effort into finding a suitable dog trainer as you do everything else? Not every pet sitter has the credentials for the job, and not every obedience school is run by the friendly individuals you’d expect. If you want to make sure that your dog is in the best hands possible, it’s important that you do a little research beforehand. As the International Association of Canine Professionals has a number of members who are considered canine experts, this is a great place to start. And fortunately for those around the Mentor, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio areas, Club K9 of Wickliffe near Willoughby, Ohio just happens to be owned and operated by an IACP member.

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Get Pet Dental Health Services at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge in Northeast Ohio

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. It’s a great time to remind pet owners that oral hygiene is an essential part of pet care. Pets lack the ability to hold a toothbrush, so they count on us for help. And the animal experts at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge are making sure we know what to do. They’re sharing at-home tips and pointing out when it’s time to make a pet dental cleaning appointment. With their input and convenient locations in Rittman, Ohio and Wadsworth, Ohio, pets in Northeast Ohio can have bright smiles to go with their bright eyes and bushy tails!

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Club K9 of Wickliffe Tells Cleveland, Ohio Area Residents What to Look for in Dog Boarding Service

When you go on vacation, you may not be able to take your beloved canine friend with you. And if you’re unable to find a friend, family member, or neighbor who can watch your pup while you’re gone, the only alternative is putting them in a pet kennel for the duration of your trip. While many pet owners would balk at the idea of paying a stranger for overnight dog sitting, the truth is that there are a number of benefits to putting your dog in a pet boarding facility. As a business known throughout the Cleveland, Ohio; Euclid, Ohio; and Kirtland, Ohio areas for their affordable dog boarding, Club K9 of Wickliffe is more than capable of caring your pet while you’re gone. However, to soothe the fears of dog owners who are wary about leaving their pets in an unfamiliar place, Club K9 of Wickliffe shares a few tips on what to look for in a dog boarding service.

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For Holiday Pet Lodging, Contact All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge near Doylestown!

When it comes to your furry friend, you want only the best for them. Unfortunately, keeping them home for the holidays is not always a viable option—especially if guests make them anxious! If you need to find a place for your canine or feline companion to stay until your family and friends leave this season, consider All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge near Doylestown, Ohio. This professional veterinary clinic also has a lodge facility where your pet can stay comfortably as part of their holiday pet lodging. They don’t just provide dog boarding, but canine boarding in style! If you have a pampered pooch, consider boarding them in one of the private suites All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge has available for your Medina, Ohio canine. Are you interested in finding a location near Wadsworth, Ohio that offers cat boarding? No problem! All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge’s friendly staff is happy to watch over your feline friend as well.

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Off the Leash for Dog Sleepovers and Daycare in Strongsville, Not Boarding

Off the Leash Dog Daycare doesn’t do “boarding”; they have dog sleepovers and pajama parties instead! Located in Strongsville, Ohio, Off the Leash is more than just a place for your dog to spend a fun day of play while you are away for a long work day or have errands to run. They also offer full day and night services that are perfect for when you have to be away for a business trip or it’s time for your well-earned vacation.

Ask any pet owner who is going out of town what they have to go through to make arrangements for the four-legged members of their family, and they will likely tell you that it is an ordeal, and that they spend a good bit of their “time off” worrying about their pet’s wellbeing. Off the Leash takes the stress and worry out of boarding your dog or dogs while you are away because it is unlike any other pet care facility you’ve seen. You will be able to enjoy your vacation or focus on your business comfortable in the knowledge that your dog is receiving excellent care, socializing with other dogs, and probably having the time of his or her life! Continue reading