Club K9 of Wickliffe Tells Cleveland, Ohio Area Residents What to Look for in Dog Boarding Service

When you go on vacation, you may not be able to take your beloved canine friend with you. And if you’re unable to find a friend, family member, or neighbor who can watch your pup while you’re gone, the only alternative is putting them in a pet kennel for the duration of your trip. While many pet owners would balk at the idea of paying a stranger for overnight dog sitting, the truth is that there are a number of benefits to putting your dog in a pet boarding facility. As a business known throughout the Cleveland, Ohio; Euclid, Ohio; and Kirtland, Ohio areas for their affordable dog boarding, Club K9 of Wickliffe is more than capable of caring your pet while you’re gone. However, to soothe the fears of dog owners who are wary about leaving their pets in an unfamiliar place, Club K9 of Wickliffe shares a few tips on what to look for in a dog boarding service.

The first step in choosing the right pet boarding facility for your dog is doing a little background research on the staff and the building itself. Most of the time when pet owners reject the idea of overnight dog sitting, it’s because they’ve heard unpleasant stories from acquaintances. However, by looking into the facility and those who run it, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog will be in good hands. Club K9 of Wickliffe, for example, only employs individuals who have had a significant amount of experience working with animals. Not only do their associates know how to care for dogs, but they enjoy doing it! Most of those on Club K9’s staff are pet owners themselves, so you can be sure that your dog will receive a warm welcome on top of the basic necessities they need. Plus, their clean, well-maintained facility ensures that your pet will be safe from fleas and other issues.

When you begin shopping around for dog boarding services, you may notice that the prices vary around the Cleveland, Euclid, and Kirtland areas. This is due to the fact that some pet boarding facilities have features that others don’t. For instance, you may be surprised to learn there are pet kennels that charge extra just to take your dog on a walk! While you could settle for a pet boarding facility that only offers the bare minimum, it doesn’t seem fair to leave your dog at a place that only provides them with food, water, and shelter. Club K9 of Wickliffe, on the other hand, offers affordable dog boarding and a number of great features. When you enlist their help for overnight dog sitting, your pup can look forward to comfortable bedding within a cage-free environment, human companionship at night, field trips, daily walks, 3 large areas in which to play, Saturday night movies, and more.

While it’s obvious that there is a lot to consider before choosing a pet kennel for your dog, it’s well worth the effort. After all, you don’t want to choose a facility that makes your dog nervous, uncomfortable, or sad. Instead, consider an all-inclusive dog boarding service like the one offered by Club K9 of Wickliffe. That way you can be sure that your pet is safe, happy, and healthy while you’re on your trip.

To learn more about the affordable dog boarding from Club K9 of Wickliffe, visit their website at Once you see what this pet boarding facility has to offer, you won’t be surprised by how many Cleveland, Ohio; Euclid, Ohio; and Kirtland, Ohio residents are repeat customers! If you have additional questions about their dog boarding service, or overnight dog sitting in general, don’t hesitate to give them a call at 440.516.0510. Their staff members would be happy to tell you the benefits of staying at Club K9 of Wickliffe versus a more “traditional” pet kennel.

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