E.F. Boyd & Son Assists in Funeral Pre-Planning Today for Future Needs

E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home in Cleveland wants to save your loved ones future stress by helping you to pre-plan for your funeral or cremation today. It is never easy to deal with end-of-life arrangements, but waiting until the need is upon you or your family makes the process significantly more difficult. By pre-planning, your family can rest assured that your wishes are known and are being followed, and can also avoid the stress that funeral or cremation costs can cause.

E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home offers pre-planning services that will save not only stress and additional grief, but will also save money. As with all things, end-of-life expenses increase over time. In the past twenty-five years alone, funeral related costs have nearly tripled, and will likely continue to grow. When you begin your pre-planning and pre-funding your arrangements today, you can avoid this inflation.

The compassionate staff members at E.F. Boyd & Son will spend time with you and your loved ones establishing the best plan for you, and helping you to begin the process of pre-planning and pre-funding your arrangements. There are special life insurance policies that many people are not aware of that are designated specifically for funeral related costs. E.F. Boyd & Son will assist you in choosing the proper policy that will allow you to begin setting funds aside now for your future needs.

When the time comes, the funds from your new policy will be available to your loved ones without a waiting period, such as probate delays. The policy death benefit increases over time, which will offset funeral related cost inflation. These important benefits allow your funeral or cremation services to be carried out in a timely manner, and at little to no additional cost to your family.

If you are concerned about meeting funeral pre-planning costs today, E.F. Boyd & Son can place you on one of their flexible payment plans to ensure that your needs are met for today and for the future. You can choose how much you wish to be spent on your services. Once that decision is made, an appropriate policy and payment option will follow, and you can rest easier knowing that your foresight in pre-planning for your final expenses will make arranging services much easier on your loved ones.

There are several useful resources available regarding funeral pre-planning and pre-funding on the E.F. Boyd & Son website, including a Personal Pre-Planning Guide that you can download. You can also begin your pre-planning, or pre-planning for a loved one, right on the website by filling out some basic information on their online form. Once the form has been submitted, the E.F. Boyd & Son staff will be happy to help you with the details.

If you would like to find out more about pre-planning for funerals or cremation, you can schedule an obligation-free consultation with a staff member at any of the three E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home Cleveland area locations.

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