E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home Celebrates Progress & Honors History at A New Day in Hough in Cleveland, Ohio

In addition to being one of the oldest African American businesses in Ohio, E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home, is also one of the most community-oriented establishments. All year-round, several times each month, you’ll find E.F. Boyd participating in community events throughout the Cuyahoga County, Ohio area. This local funeral home is very attached to its Cleveland, Ohio home, as well as the friends and neighbors who have supported them in their turn. E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home takes every opportunity to offer its support for various fairs and ceremonies in the region. This coming August will be no different as E.F. Boyd will be in Ward 7 to help celebrate progress at the A New Day in Hough special event.

The Hough area has had special significance in the city of Cleveland, dating back to the year 1799 when it was initially settled by Oliver and Eliza Hough. While the area was largely populated by farmers in its infancy, it continued to grow and change over the years, becoming a very prominent part of the city. A middle class, ethnic population moved into the area before WWII, bringing more modest housing with it. Decades later, in the 1960s, Hough became a neighborhood largely inhabited by those who were struggling to make ends meet while seeking work. As you undoubtedly know, this was a particularly difficult period in our country’s past, and the Hough area did not remain unscathed by the volatility of the Civil Rights era. On July 18, 1968, racial conflict erupted into a full-scale riot resulting in 4 deaths, 46 injuries, and property damage totaling millions of dollars. But rather than abandon the neighborhood as a lost cause, the citizens of Hough rose up—helping to rebuild the area and make it a pleasant place in which to live again.

A New Day in Hough is a fun and uplifting way for Cuyahoga County citizens to come together in order to celebrate progress—honoring the past, embracing the future—and to renew their sense of unity. Instead of ignoring Hough’s history, this community event acknowledges the violent riot of ’68, emphasizing the strength of Hough locals to unite in the aftermath.

Sponsored by Councilman TJ Dow, A New Day in Hough will take place on Saturday, August 4, 2012 in Ward 7 of Cleveland. The community event will begin with gospel music and a delicious pancake breakfast for anyone who wants to attend. The celebration will also include a 2.2k walk/run and the annual parade through the streets. The symbolic raising of the flag will also take place at the corner of 79th St.—the starting point of the ’68 riot. E.F. Boyd is proud to be one of many local businesses and vendors participating in A New Day in Hough, educating residents about their services and offering their support. This day-long activity is a wonderful way for all of you in the region to show your support for the Hough area and celebrate how far the community has come.

To find out more about how you can celebrate progress and honor the past in Cleveland, Ohio with A New Day in Hough, visit the community event’s page at anewdayinhough.com. If you’re interested in learning about the services provided by E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home, or the ways in which they contribute to the Cuyahoga County, Ohio community, visit www.efboyd.com or give them a call at 216.791.0770.

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