E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home in Cleveland, Ohio Wants Locals to Have a Safe and Fun Halloween

One of the most exciting holidays of the year is just a few short weeks away, and E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home wants everyone in the Cleveland, Ohio area to have a safe and fun Halloween. Now is the time of year that many of you will be heading off to enjoy Halloween activities with your friends and family members. While this holiday is known for its thrills and chills, it’s important to follow proper safety protocol to maximize your enjoyment. E.F. Boyd & Son is also a big fan of this celebration and wants to offer some helpful advice to adults and children alike. Whether you’re planning on going to a party in East Cleveland, Ohio or taking your child out to collect candy in Warrensville Heights, Ohio, E.F. Boyd & Son has some handy trick-or-treat tips and safety rules for Halloween that you can use while you’re out and about.

What’s the first piece of helpful advice that E.F. Boyd & Son offers Cleveland residents? Make sure that your costume is warm and functional. That goes for adults and children! While it’s fun to dress up in elaborate outfits, you also want to be sure that you’re able to move freely. After all, if you’re planning on doing a lot of walking door-to-door or dancing at your party, you want to be comfortable! Also, children should use short, soft, and flexible accessories with their costumes to avoid injury. Particularly if they’re going as a pirate or other sword carrying character!

There are plenty of trick-or-treat tips to follow as your child makes their way through the streets of East Cleveland and Warrensville Heights this month. If you’re not going with your child, make sure there is an adult present at all times. Also, have your child carry a flashlight as it will probably get dark before they get home. Let them know that they should always stay with their group and walk on sidewalks.

Since little ones are mostly concerned with the treat aspect of the evening, go through their candy with them at the end of the night. E.F. Boyd & Son urges parents and guardians to toss out homemade or unwrapped sweets. And make sure to limit the amount of candy your child eats. Not only will this help your child avoid a stomach ache, but you can avoid the sugar rush too!

While you want your children to have a safe and fun Halloween, it’s important for adults to use good judgment as well. If you’re planning on going to a party this month, make sure you and your group have a plan for meeting up at the end of the night. Also, keep your beverage with you at all times. Even though you may not be out collecting candy, you should still follow safety rules for Halloween so you can fully enjoy your Halloween activities.

E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home is just as excited for this spooky holiday as you are, and that’s why they want to offer helpful advice for everyone venturing out in the Cleveland, Ohio area this month. If your child is going door-to-door in your East Cleveland, Ohio or Warrensville Heights, Ohio neighborhood, make sure they follow the trick-or-treat tips mentioned above so they can enjoy the Halloween activities. E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home wishes everyone a safe and fun Halloween. So, make sure you follow the safety rules for Halloween so you can have the best time possible! For more information about E.F. Boyd & Son and how they help out in the area, visit www.EFBoyd.com or give them a call at 216.791.0770.

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