E.F. Boyd & Son Helps to Sponsor Fairfax Arts & Heritage Celebration for Local Cleveland, Ohio Community

E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home is, once again, giving its support to Cleveland, Ohio area programs by acting as one of the sponsors for the Fairfax Arts & Heritage Celebration next month. This unique celebration is a chance for Fairfax residents to learn about various opportunities in their area and to promote community involvement. E.F. Boyd & Son encourages individuals in the Cleveland area to join them in July for a day of art, food, fun, and education.

The Fairfax Arts & Heritage Celebration, presented by Councilwoman Mamie J. Mitchell, will begin on Saturday, July 21st at 10am and run until 8pm. This arts celebration is an opportunity for Cleveland natives to participate in activities promoting art, faith, health, and the Fairfax area legacy. The mission of this celebration is to educate Fairfax citizens and help them to realize that there are endless possibilities for their community. The arts celebration will include helicopter rides, an obstacle course, health screenings, workshops, line dancing, food & specialty vendors, live entertainment, financial literacy education, and more. Best of all, this event is free for all those who would like to attend!

This wonderful event is an opportunity for those of you in the Cleveland area to increase your community involvement and help make a difference in your neighborhood. By joining your neighbors and local businesses like E.F. Boyd, you can educate yourself on such topics as health, culture, safety, and finances—topics that can help enrich your life and the lives of your family members. While only a day-long celebration, this event is the start of a new era for the Fairfax community and its citizens.

As one of the oldest African American funeral homes in Cleveland, E.F. Boyd & Son is a well known and respected business in the area. E.F. Boyd & Son is committed to its mission to not only provide the best possible service for your loved ones, but to promote community involvement and encourage others to celebrate the area’s culture and history. The Fairfax Arts & Heritage Celebration is just one of the many events that E.F. Boyd & Son has supported throughout its long history, and it certainly won’t be the last. E.F. Boyd & Son understands that community involvement isn’t just necessary for success in the area, but a way to bring happiness and fulfillment to one’s own life. Join E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home in supporting the Cleveland area by attending the Fairfax Arts & Heritage Celebration next month!

For more information about the Fairfax Arts & Heritage Celebration in Cleveland, Ohio, visit fairfaxcelebration.org. To learn more about the services that E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home offers or their community involvement, call 216.791.0770 or visit efboyd.com.

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