E. F. Boyd & Son’s Compassionate Staff Works to Provide Best Funeral Related Services to Cleveland Area Communities

At E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home in Cleveland, Ohio, there are no “second string” team members. Each and every person on the staff has an important role to play in providing the best possible service to every client. Whether you are planning for the future or have more immediate needs, the staff at E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home will work together to ensure that you receive the highest caliber of pre-planning and funeral related services available in the greater Cleveland area.

Some of the staff positions at E. F. Boyd & Son require specialized training and education, however, there is one thing that every staff member must have, and it cannot be taught. What is it? Compassion. From the accounting department to the funeral directors, everyone possesses this trait, and it is part of what makes them such valued team members. End of life needs are a sensitive subject, even if they are many years away. Quality service simply cannot be provided without compassion and the ability to make clients and families as comfortable as possible.

No one likes to think about money and funeral related services, however, it is a necessity. The caring employees in the accounting department understand this, and are patient and sensitive to the needs of their customers. They work hard to ensure that you or your loved ones will not be burdened with unexpected expenses during a difficult time. They also carefully monitor expenses and operating costs so that Cleveland area communities can look forward to another one hundred and six years of outstanding service from E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home.

Again, it is difficult to think of a funeral home as a business because they deal in such intensely personal matters. Nevertheless, that is what they are, and like other businesses, they have a dedicated marketing staff. E. F. Boyd has set itself apart from other funeral service providers in the area with the quality of their services, as well as the number of different services they offer, like pre-funding and pre-planning. The marketing department is responsible for making E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home accessible to the community in a number of different ways. Their extremely informative and user-friendly website is one great example. If you have not visited it yet, make sure you head over to www.EFBoyd.com today—you never know what you may learn while you’re there!

The pre-needs department works closely with customers who are interested in pre-planning and pre-funding their funeral services. They are knowledgeable about the different types of insurance policies that can assist with this process, and must also stay apprised of any changes to laws that regulate how customers can pre-arrange services. Theirs is a never-ending learning process as they keep up with new policies, practices, laws, and more.

Possibly the most “visible” members of the staff are the Funeral Attendants and Funeral Directors. Some of the duties of these two positions overlap, such as greeting attendees and helping them to their seats. Funeral Attendants also assist in placing caskets, flowers, and other elements in the parlor or chapel for viewings and funerals. They obtain burial permits and registers deaths, as well as issuing and storing funeral equipment, and performing general cleaning and maintenance of the funeral home and vehicles. Much of what they do is “behind the scenes,” however they can also step in to act as pallbearers and drivers.

Funeral Directors work directly with the loved ones of the deceased to choose the wording for the obituary, designate pallbearers, casket selection, and basically plan every detail of the services, including procuring religious officials to perform rites when needed. They also work with the cemeteries to schedule grave openings and closings. Funeral Directors oversee every aspect of a service, from the preparation of the deceased to receiving and offering support to the bereaved. There are more duties included in this position than can possibly be listed, however the Funeral Director cannot perform his or her job without the network of support provided by each staff member.

At E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home, each team member has been carefully selected both for their skills and for their compassion. The generous spirit of each individual is reflected in the care provided to every client in the Cleveland area communities they serve. To find out more about how the employees of E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home help make the funeral and related services offered there stand out above other providers in the area, visit www.EFBoyd.com where you can view their staff directory, or schedule an appointment at your nearest location.

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