Find out How You Can Get a $25 Credit towards E-Liquid and More at Twilight Boutique in Lakewood, Ohio

If you’ve started to develop an interest in e-cigarettes and other vaping products, you’ve probably done your research online, looking through articles and reading reviews. Though this is a great first step, it’s also important to visit shops that specialize in these products. Not only does this give you the opportunity to try out different models and flavors, but you’ll be able to get tips and advice from associates who are knowledgeable about the vaping trend. Fortunately for vape enthusiasts around Cleveland, Ohio and Garfield Heights, Ohio, Twilight Boutique recently added a number of new items to their inventory, including rechargeable mods, e-liquid, Pax vaporizers, and Ascent vaporizers. Though this Lakewood, Ohio retailer is primarily known for their impressive selection of hookah tobacco, their vaping products are definitely worth a look. So, why not pay them a visit this June to learn more about vaporizers, take advantage of great deals, and maybe even pick up a scented candle or two?

If it’s been a while since you stopped by Twilight, or you’re a first-time visitor, you’ll be blown away by all of the products they currently have available. This Lakewood establishment now has the most extensive selection of novelties in Northeast Ohio! Take the trip from your Cleveland or Garfield Heights home to Twilight Boutique and you’ll be greeted by wall-to-wall art and the fresh smell of scented candles from Wild Berry.

If you have a regular hookah at home, you’ll be interested in the wide assortment of hookah tobacco in stock at Twilight Boutique. With brands like Fantasia, Social Smoke, and Starbuzz, you’re guaranteed to find a new flavor that you’ll enjoy. Plus, Twilight Boutique is the only store north of Columbus that even sells Social Smoke! That alone is reason enough to check out their hookah tobacco.

Of course, if you’re more interested in their vaping products, you definitely won’t be disappointed. After listening to the requests of their customers, Twilight Boutique’s staff brought in several new items from big-name brands. As far as rechargeable e-cigarettes go, you can find Tsunami and Arctic Air mods within the shop, as well as e-liquid from Tsunami and White Rhino. To make things more convenient, Twilight set up an e-cigarette display for customers who want to sample different e-liquids.

Along with e-cigarettes, Twilight also has Pax and Ascent vaporizers available for purchase. Compatible with botanicals and oils, these handheld vaporizers are some of the most popular products in the shop.

By paying Twilight Boutique a visit this month, not only can you check out their selection of hookah tobacco, e-cigarettes, e-liquid, scented candles, and more, but you can save on your purchase too. With their customer rewards program, every $10 spent earns you a stamp. Once you get ten stamps, you get $10 off your next purchase! Plus, you could receive a $25 store credit (no purchase necessary) just by being one of the first 4 people to mention this blog! So, what’s stopping you? Take the quick trip from your Cleveland, Ohio or Garfield Heights, Ohio home to Twilight Boutique and see if one of their Pax or Ascent vaporizers is right for you.

Twilight Boutique
15715 Madison Ave
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Ph: 216.221.7777

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