For an Affordable Sushi Bar Near You, Visit Samurai Sushi & Steakhouse in Strongsville!

After a hard day of work, you want to be able to go out and just have a relaxing night you’re your friends and colleagues. If you’re looking for a place that serves great food while providing a great atmosphere, Samurai Sushi & Steakhouse in Strongsville, Ohio is the place to go! Here, you’ll be able to find the delicious Asian cuisine you’ve come to love in a relaxing dinner setting.  Whether you’re visiting for the Hibachi dinners or for their lunch specials, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Samurai Sushi & Steakhouse! As an affordable sushi bar in the Brunswick, Ohio and Parma, Ohio area, you can find some of your favorite sushi dishes at an amazing price! With such an extensive menu available, you’ll be sure to enjoy the perfect meal in perfect company when you visit Samurai Sushi & Steakhouse.

Samurai Sushi & Steakhouse in Strongsville offers a very modern and soothing atmosphere for those of all ages to enjoy. If you stop in during the weekday between 11AM and 3PM, you can find an assortment of delicious lunch specials for you and your companions to enjoy. These lunch specials range from Hibachi meals and bento boxes to Maki (rolls).  With such a large selection, you’ll be sure to find the delicious Asian cuisine that best satisfies your food cravings. Although these lunch specials are exquisite, sometimes you just want to spend a relaxing evening out with a few of your close friends.

At Samurai Sushi & Steakhouse, you can do just that by having a few cool drinks with your friends at their full service bar or enjoying a nice Hibachi dinner! These Hibachi dinners are as entertaining as they are delicious, making the night even more memorable for you and those closest to you. Do you love sushi? There’s nothing quite like freshly prepared sushi. At Samurai Sushi & Steakhouse, you can enjoy a variety of quality foods, including a series of great sushi dishes made from the freshest ingredients available so each bite bursts with flavor!  If you’re from the Parma or Brunswick area and find yourself looking for a relaxing dinner setting for you and your friends this week, make Samurai Sushi & Steakhouse your first stop.

Although you have many dining choices available to you in the Parma, Ohio area, nothing quite compares to Samurai Sushi & Steakhouse’s delicious Asian cuisine. At this Strongsville, Ohio dining location, you can find an assortment of great lunch specials and additional menu items that will leave your mouth watering for more! Best of all, Samurai Sushi & Steakhouse offers a relaxing dining setting so their patrons can enjoy a nice evening out without stress! As an affordable sushi bar, they also offer a variety of fresh sushi items you’ll be sure to enjoy. If you’re from the Brunswick, Ohio area and would like to learn more about this great restaurant and their dishes, visit or call 440.238.6948 today!

Samurai Sushi & Steakhouse
16670 Royalton Rd.
Strongsville, OH 44136

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