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February is National Pet Dental Health Month. It’s a great time to remind pet owners that oral hygiene is an essential part of pet care. Pets lack the ability to hold a toothbrush, so they count on us for help. And the animal experts at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge are making sure we know what to do. They’re sharing at-home tips and pointing out when it’s time to make a pet dental cleaning appointment. With their input and convenient locations in Rittman, Ohio and Wadsworth, Ohio, pets in Northeast Ohio can have bright smiles to go with their bright eyes and bushy tails!

First things first, let’s make sure we’re all clear on how important pet dental health really is. Similar to humans and all other creatures with teeth, pets are susceptible to tartar buildup, tooth decay, and gingivitis among other oral health problems. They can have cavities, root fractures, abscesses, and even broken crowns. Omit oral hygiene from pet care long enough, and your pet can lose its teeth. Chances are, you’re correctly thinking about toothaches and pain that your furry friend doesn’t deserve. That means you get the picture. So, let’s move on to what you can do to help prevent all of the above.

Beginning when they’re babies also known as puppies and kittens, introduce brushing. It will remain atop the pet dental health care list throughout their lives. And before you decide that your feisty or finicky counterpart won’t have it, know that there is a toothbrush alternative. By that we mean, using your finger to swipe pet toothpaste across their teeth and gums daily or at least three times a week can help. The licking action that’s sure to follow with help spread the toothpaste and fight tartar buildup.

The animal experts in Rittman and Wadsworth place added emphasis on pet toothpaste because human toothpaste contains soap and other things that can make pets sick. And if you choose to shy away from at-home brushing entirely, they suggest you consider veterinary diets and/or veterinarian approved treats and chews to support good pet dental health. But no matter which methods you employ at home, nothing can replace a pet dental cleaning appointment.

Here’s how you know when to schedule your pet’s dental cleaning appointment at the All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge nearest your part of Northeast Ohio and what to expect when you get there.

Pet Dental Cleaning Timing & Treatment

  • Have a veterinarian determine your pet’s dental grade on a scale of one (good) to four (bad)
  • Routine cleanings at dental grade two reduce the chances of your pet having teeth removed
  • To avoid pet stress and discomfort, general anesthesia is administered by animal experts
  • X-rays and radiographs are taken pre-cleaning to expose any changes below the gums
  • Teeth are then thoroughly cleaned and polished smooth to reduce tartar buildup

The frequency of pet dental cleaning appointments will vary per pet. What’s consistent among them all is the ongoing need for regular brushing or brushing alternatives and routine veterinary cleanings. Your pets are counting on you to keep them healthy and pain-free. That makes pet dental health a necessary part of your pet care regimen. And don’t worry! You have all the help you need at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge no matter where you live in Northeast Ohio. So visit for more information or call 330.925.4910 to make your furry friend’s dental appointment today!

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