Head to Jan’s Confectionary Supplies near Parma, Ohio, for Delicious Baking Chocolate and More!

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to dust off the cookbooks and break out the dessert supplies! Whether you’re hosting a big Christmas party in your Cleveland, Ohio, home, or you just want to fill your Independence, Ohio, kitchen with the mouthwatering fragrance of holiday treats, there’s no better time to begin working on your culinary creations than now. And lucky for you, Jan’s Confectionary Supplies near Parma, Ohio, has everything you need to make festive cookies, cakes, brownies, fudge, candies and more! With a wide assortment of baking chocolate, colored sanding sugar, silver/gold dragees and other sweet ingredients, Jan’s Confectionary Supplies can help you create all kinds of delicious and eye-catching baked goods that will impress your friends and family members!


As decorative cookies are a staple at Christmas parties, you may be planning to bake these holiday treats for your own Cleveland gathering. A quick stop at Jan’s Confectionary Supplies near Parma and not only can you pick up some fun cookie cutters, but colored sanding sugar as well. With a wide selection of colors including hard-to-find shades like raspberry and turquoise, Jan’s Confectionary Supplies will allow you to purchase the tools you need to begin your holiday baking project.

Feeling a little more ambitious? Want to try your hand at cake baking and decorating? Jan’s Confectionary Supplies can help with that too! As this local retailer carries cake pans, frosting bags, silver and gold dragees and more, you’ll be able to create a beautiful holiday treat that will earn you the title of “Cake Decorator Extraordinaire”!


In addition to the aforementioned dessert supplies, Jan’s Confectionary also carries several different kinds of baking chocolate. Not only does Jan’s offer tasty chocolate from such brands as Van Leer and Merckens, but they also give customers the chance to try out unique flavors like cinnamon and cream cheese cinnamon! If you want to bake a sweet treat for fun this holiday season, using some of Jan’s delectable baking chocolate will help you spice up brownies, fudge, cookies, cupcakes and more. Those in your Independence home won’t be able to keep themselves away from the enticing aromas coming from your kitchen!

On top of baking chocolate, colored sanding sugar, silver/gold dragees and other dessert supplies, Jan’s Confectionary also offers useful advice to customers in need of some help. With years of experience in the confections industry, Jan is more than qualified to give you a few tips on baking and candy making. Whether you want to know the best way to frost a cake, or you’re unsure as to what the consistency of your candy should be, paying the owner of Jan’s Confectionary Supplies a visit is a great idea!


While this Parma, Ohio, area retailer has plenty of dessert supplies in stock, it won’t be long before customers come in to clear the shelves. Rather than risk missing out on the chance to purchase the ingredients you need for your holiday treats, make sure to take the trip from your Independence, Ohio, or Cleveland, Ohio, home to Jan’s Confectionary Supplies soon! With baking chocolate, colored sanding sugar, silver/gold dragees and more, this local establishment is sure to have everything your recipes require.

Jan’s Confectionary Supplies
6370 York Rd
Parma Heights, Ohio
Ph: 440.845.2022

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