Looking for a Full-Service Canine Training Facility? Head to Lake County, Ohio’s Own Club K9 of Wickliffe

Though there may be a number of establishments around your Cleveland, Ohio or Mentor, Ohio home that offer dog training, they’re not all guaranteed to have certified trainers on staff. In fact, some may have only completed a few weeks of schooling before they began to offer their services! Plus, you never know if the facility you take your pet to is just another kennel, or a full-service canine training facility that cares about the work they do. Fortunately for nearby residents, Club K9 of Wickliffe belongs to the latter category. In addition to being an experienced trainer and therapy dog evaluator, the owner and operator of this Lake County, Ohio establishment is part of the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program and provides foster care for local dog rescues.

An important part of the Lake County community, Club K9 of Wickliffe strives to help dogs and their owners in any way they can. And that includes offering foster care to local dog rescues! Take the trip from your Cleveland or Mentor home to their area during the annual Memorial Day parade and you’ll see staff members from Club K9 of Wickliffe walking dozens of dogs. Not only does this display Club K9’s community involvement to residents, but it also gives them the opportunity to see just what dog training can do for their own four-legged friends.

Those who take their pets to this full-service canine training facility can expect to receive more than just regular dog training. As an evaluator for the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program, Virginia Francis—the owner and operator of Club K9—is able to teach obedience, manners, and general good behavior to dogs. An excellent idea for those with puppies, training at Club K9 of Wickliffe can help rambunctious dogs become great pets as well as well-respected members of the community.

Though most owners enroll their dogs in one of Club K9’s regular training programs, others are more interested in the specialized training that’s available from this local establishment. For instance, as Virginia is also a therapy dog evaluator, she is able to administer testing to those who want to register their animals as therapy pets. As there are few therapy dog evaluators in the area, Club K9 of Wickliffe is frequently visited by those who want to be able to take their dogs to nursing homes, hospitals, and other institutions in order to help residents.

Obviously Club K9 of Wickliffe is not like most Cleveland, Ohio and Mentor, Ohio kennels. With daycare, dog training, overnight boarding, and more, this full-service canine training facility allows pet owners to obtain the assistance they need. So, if you need help with your own dog, why not visit a great establishment that even fosters local dog rescues? To learn more about this Lake County, Ohio facility, visit their website at www.clubk9ofwickliffe.com. If you have any questions, give Club K9 of Wickliffe a call at 440.516.0510. Or, if you’d like to meet the therapy dog evaluator and AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program member in person, take the short trip to Club K9 of Wickliffe.

Club K9 of Wickliffe
30400 Lakeland Blvd
Wickliffe, Ohio 44092
Ph: 440.516.0510

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