Mobile App Use Is On the Rise – Everyone Needs a KicKintheAPP!

Marc Albert, owner of, believes that the mobile phone is key to the future of commerce. He knows that mobile computing is driving a shift in consumer behavior that is even bigger than was the personal computer revolution of the 1980s and the Internet Boom of the 1990s. And he is aware of the stunning fact that more than 4 billion people – over half the planet – have mobile phones many of which are internet-enabled smart phones that work as powerfully as computers do. It is no wonder that mobile app technology is taking front and center in today’s marketplace, and is ahead of the curve in northeast Ohio. This growing trend is good for consumers, and thanks to the efforts of enterprising business men like Mark Albert, retailers in our area now have the opportunity to shape how local consumers experience these new technology possibilities.

We live in a mobile world. Because of the growing popularity of mobile apps, people are using their smart phones to create and store shopping lists, scan product bar codes, compare product prices and access coupons and promotions – and that’s literally just the tip of the iceberg. For consumers, mobile apps make life easier. Integrated into their shopping experience, mobile apps help them get what they want more quickly and assist them in making good choices by giving them the right information and tools in real time when they need them.

It has been shown that consumers reward those businesses that best meet their needs for information and services, and this is why they are using mobile apps more and more. For this reason, mobile apps such as KicKintheAPP are quickly becoming a vital tool in the marketing mix for retailers. Through mobile apps, retailers can easily meet their customers’ needs for information, products and services, which creates brand loyalty and increased sales. Simply put, a retailer that has strong connection to their customer base is going to get more sales from them. As consumers spend increasing amounts of time using their phone to go online, mobile apps can become the “glue” that ties the store to the digital world of their consumers. has got the glue!

It is becoming clear that retailers need to jump on the mobile bandwagon very soon. Marc Albert, owner of, says that retailers who don’t utilize mobile technology in 2012 are going to be left standing in the dust of those who do. 2011 has been pegged as the year of mobile shopping by both technology companies and retailers. Now more than ever consumers are carrying around phones that enable them to access apps, discounts, price comparison information, payment mechanisms and more. ComScore recently reported that two-thirds of all smartphone owners performed some sort of shopping activity on their phones, including comparing products and prices, searching for coupons, taking product pictures or locating a retail store during this past holiday season. In fact, slightly more than one in three purchasers used their smartphone to make a purchase while in a store. When they enter retail stores, these consumers are carrying their mobile phones and using these devices to actually help them shop.

Marc Albert is of the opinion that, with this ever-changing technology in the hands of consumers, it is almost impossible for businesses to “keep up with the times” let alone do it affordably. Purchasing and maintaining a mobile app seems almost out of reach for most small retailers, but KicKintheAPP offers affordable solutions and simple technology. Mark Albert knows that most retailers just want to know how they can use mobile technology to instantly reach their customers and potential new customers to let them know about current promotions, events, sales, emergency information and more. Mark Albert delivers with his KicKintheAPP service.

Using programming designed with the client in mind, provides even the most novice user the ability to design, create and publish their own mobile app in minutes. gives their mobile app clients the power to push information out instantly to anyone who has a supported mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Droid and Blackberry – the most popular smart phones being used today). Local businesses, non-profits, schools, municipalities and other organizations who have begun using a mobile app through KicKintheAPP are finding that they are able to communicate with their customers in a way like never before.

KicKintheAPP clients create and use their own mobile app to suit their company’s needs – right from their desktop. With the ability to set up ten categories and an unlimited number of sub-categories, KicKintheAPP mobile apps provide ample “horsepower.” One of the popular features of the app includes a Calendar category that allows consumers to place highlighted events directly on their mobile device’s existing calendar. This is a big plus for customers who appreciate things being made easy for them. And retailers with a KicKintheAPP mobile app are showing off sale items using the Photo Gallery category feature. Pushing out bulk texts is also another popular feature. Consumer research has shown that although most people ignore the generic updates they receive through many other mobile apps, they will open up and respond to a text message. KicKintheAPP provides retailers the ability to send out bulk text messages that include images such as coupons. Businesses are finding that sending out texts is a very effective call to action because consumers respond to them quickly by either going directly to the retailer, calling them or going to their website very soon after having received the text.

When Mark Albert designed the software that runs the KicKintheAPP service, he realized that the businesses using the mobile app would want it to also serve as a way to promote the company’s brand. For this reason, all the KicKintheAPP mobile apps can be personalized with colors, fonts, images and more. Changes are easy and take only seconds to do… even a first-time user can do it. Once the mobile app is created, it is put out into the app marketplace and made available for the public to download on phones or computers free of charge.

Marc Albert is an enterprising businessman who is dedicated to bringing online technology down to earth, and make it affordable for the local merchants with whom he does business. His team at stand ready to support their clients in utilizing their mobile apps to the fullest. Log on to for more information!

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