Off the Leash for Dog Sleepovers and Daycare in Strongsville, Not Boarding

Off the Leash Dog Daycare doesn’t do “boarding”; they have dog sleepovers and pajama parties instead! Located in Strongsville, Ohio, Off the Leash is more than just a place for your dog to spend a fun day of play while you are away for a long work day or have errands to run. They also offer full day and night services that are perfect for when you have to be away for a business trip or it’s time for your well-earned vacation.

Ask any pet owner who is going out of town what they have to go through to make arrangements for the four-legged members of their family, and they will likely tell you that it is an ordeal, and that they spend a good bit of their “time off” worrying about their pet’s wellbeing. Off the Leash takes the stress and worry out of boarding your dog or dogs while you are away because it is unlike any other pet care facility you’ve seen. You will be able to enjoy your vacation or focus on your business comfortable in the knowledge that your dog is receiving excellent care, socializing with other dogs, and probably having the time of his or her life!

Off the Leash in Strongsville is built around dogs. All dogs. Dogs of any breed, shape, and size. Dogs of any age. They take owners into consideration as well, of course. The staff at Off the Leash wants you to be assured of your pet’s safety, and to know that they make every effort to maintain a healthy and happy environment for your pet.

Should the need for overnight care arise, Off the Leash is where your dog will want to be. They do not cage or kennel dogs (unless that environment is more comfortable for your dog) at Off the Leash; in fact, they don’t even refer to it as boarding. They have dog sleepovers that are more like pajama parties than anything pet owners normally associate with boarding their pet.

When your dog has a sleepover at Off the Leash in Strongsville, he or she will have sofas, toddler beds, floor beds, and more to settle in to during their stay, and they can even buddy up with other pet guests or staff members who remain on site throughout the night! Before it’s time for sleep, your pup can look forward to some quality time and attention while everyone piles together for a bit of television or relaxation.

Your pet will never be left unattended at Off the Leash, and the facility is American Red Cross Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. Because your dog’s health and safety come first at Off the Leash, they will ask that you provide your dog’s regular food for dog sleepovers to avoid stomach upset or irritation caused by dietary changes. Also, while the staff is happy to administer oral or topical medications and treatments at no additional charge, they do not administer injections.

Your pet’s safety and comfort are at the heart of everything they do at Off the Leash. During the day, dogs are divided into groups by size and level of playfulness and energy so that every guest has the opportunity to find suitable playmates. In addition to a plethora of toys, there are also spaces set aside for your dog to take a breather from all the fun and play. Temperament is an important factor in appropriately caring for all of the dogs in their charge, and the team at Off the Leash will evaluate your dog’s interactions with people, other dogs, etc. before your dog can be “enrolled” in the daycare program or scheduled for a dog sleepover.

Learn more about the services offered at Off the Leash Dog Daycare in Strongsville, Ohio on their website, or call them at 440.572.WOOF (9663). You will never want to board your dog again once you see how happy he or she will be with a dog sleepover at Off the Leash!

Off the Leash
19668 Progress Drive
Strongsville, Ohio 44149
Phone: 440.572.WOOF (9663)

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