Plan on Whirlyball, an Action Packed Family Fun Game for Your Next Cleveland, Ohio Area Outing

What’s the most fun fifteen minutes you’ll ever have? Whirlyball! Located in Bedford Heights, Ohio, Whirlyball brings the entertainment and excitement of lacrosse and bumper cars into one action packed family fun game. But, don’t take our word for it.  This is definitely something you need to experience for yourself.  So, if you’ve been looking for an entertaining family and friends outing in the Cleveland, Ohio and Parma, Ohio area, Whirlyball/Laser-Sport is it.

Whirlyball is best played with ten people on the court at one time, five against five. There are four action packed thirteen minute games in an hour, leaving two minutes to change between games. However, other game options are available to you ranging from net only games to eighteen minute games. To play, choose your teams—five on yellow and five on red—and climb into your designated car. Once inside the car, pulling the stick towards you will cause the car to drive straight ahead and moving it away from you will cause the car to stop. To turn left, pull the stick to the right and to turn right, pull the stick to the left. They change it up on you there; keep you on your toes.

To score, each team shoots at their color coordinated backboard. You receive two points for hitting the backboard and four for hitting the net. To gain a point by hitting the backboard you must hit the front only. The back, top and sides of the backboard won’t gain you any points or any friends on your team for that matter. There are a few penalties in Whirlyball. You can not run on the court, delay the game, harass any players or referees, pin anyone and you must, at all times, keep your seatbelt on. Violation of any of these rules will cause you to rack up a variation of negative points.

Whirlyball holds league tournaments and nationals as well. There is a fifty dollar fee that your team must pay before it can be considered as part of the league. The league will consist of ten to sixteen teams of five players each, playing two games one night per week. Double elimination games are played at the end of each league season. The same beginner rules and penalties apply to league tournaments as well.

Whirlyball, the premier sport of a new age, is an innovative way to spend a family fun afternoon in Cleveland, Ohio, and Parma, Ohio area. Whirlyball will take care of everything you could possibly need to spend a hassle-free, fun-filled day playing action packed games with your family and friends. Precious Cargo Transportation can escort you to and from Whirlyball. To reserve a transportation service with Precious Cargo Transportation you can call 440.543.9272 or visit To make a day of it, you can reserve the court for more hours if you would like. Whirlyball offers video games in the lobby, laser tag in the back, and a bar stocked with everything from wine to soft drinks. Catering is also available to those who would like to make an event-filled day. Whirlyball, right off Richmond Road in Bedford Heights, Ohio, opens at two p.m. and closes after the last registration of the day. Whirlyball informational packets can be found online at You can also email, for more information. Registration is required to play. Register your next family and friends outing by calling 216.591.0707 today!

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