Plan Your Next Bedford Heights Birthday Party at Whirlyball!

Whirlyball/Lasersport in Bedford Heights, Ohio is an ideal location for a kids or adult birthday party. With plenty of activities for the kids, as well as party rooms, catering services, and even special invitations that you can download and personalize, they take all of the work and stress out of planning the next celebration!

Kids as young as nine can enjoy Whirlyball. This quick-paced game combines elements of basketball, hockey, and jai alai. The additional challenge is that players are confined to a small vehicle akin to a bumper car, known as a WhirlyBug.

It takes only a few moments to learn the basics, and then the fun begins. There are two courts available to rent for a Bedford Heights birthday party, with each court holding ten players—two teams of five. Each game lasts for only thirteen minutes, so you can get in four games in an hour (with two minutes between games for changes). The fast pace and excitement of the game won’t leave any time for the kids or the adults to get bored.

As the kids take a breather after their round of Whirlyball, they can head over to the lobby area for video games before their next adventure begins: Lasersport. Lasersport is another team based activity. It requires a minimum of six players, but twenty-four vests are available to accommodate a larger birthday party, and children as young as seven can participate.

Each Lasersport session lasts for fifteen minutes. During that time, players use their state of the art equipment to score points by “deactivating” other players as well as targets that have been placed throughout the Lasersport arena which even includes a second level for strategic moves and extra fun.

You can choose Whirlyball or Lasersport for your birthday party, or take advantage of both Bedford Heights activities. Discounts are available if you include both Lasersport and Whirlyball in your birthday party reservation. Along with your selected activities, you will have a party area for your group to gather. Once your activities are complete, this area is yours to use for an additional thirty minutes for final snacks and wrap up.

There are several catering services available for your birthday party. Whirlyball/Lasersport will help you coordinate your order which can include anything from pizza and subs to party trays, salads, and even dessert and fruit trays for you and your guests. The varied menu is perfect for kids birthday parties and adult birthday parties alike.

Whirlyball/Lasersport really is not just for kids. There is a large selection of domestic and imported beers, drafts, wines, and soft drinks available at the bar. Age is just a number, and no matter what your age is, a birthday party at the Bedford Heights Whirlyball/Lasersport offers an afternoon or evening of fun for all!

Release forms are necessary for participation, so if you’re bringing a large group to Whirlyball/Lasersport in Bedford Heights, you may want to visit their website to download and complete your forms in advance, and save time during the check-in process. On the website, you can also find invitations for your birthday party, information on nearby places to stay as well as transportation to and from the arena.

Start your birthday party reservation process at or call 216.591.0707 today!

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