Second Sole Lyndhurst Helps to Support PPPF When You Donate Used Athletic Shoes in Cleveland, Ohio

We all tend to keep things we probably have no use for, don’t we? But it can be so hard just thinking of parting with old trinkets and clothing! Can you remember the last time you sorted through your Cleveland, Ohio home to toss unnecessary items or take them to Goodwill? Not able to think back that far? Don’t feel bad—there’s a little bit of a hoarder in us all. But instead of letting all of that junk in your closet accumulate, why not do something good with the items you no longer use? Second Sole is currently working to support the Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation (PPPF) in Delaware by giving shoes to charity. Instead of tossing your old workout gear or letting it collect dust, stop by Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio to donate any used athletic shoes you happen to have. Not only are you clearing space in your closet, you’re helping those in need!

So what exactly is PPPF and why should you dig through your closet to help them? Well, PPPF is a reputable non-profit organization in Delaware that works to support those less fortunate in Africa. But rather than just giving money to village members, PPPF educates local farmers in the MORE Farming System so they may build up their communities and salvage damaged areas. Not only does this help citizens regain their independence, it is also relatively inexpensive for PPPF to do. In fact, PPPF is funded entirely by the resale of footwear!

Unfortunately, many people in Africa are unable to purchase new shoes. When you donate used athletic shoes to Second Sole in Lyndhurst, they will be shipped to street vendors in West Africa and resold to residents at an affordable price. The proceeds will then benefit families in poor rural areas by giving them the opportunity to receive the MORE Farming System training they require.

Sounds like a pretty great cause, doesn’t it? That’s why Second Sole in Lyndhurst urges you to contribute by giving shoes to charity. Instead of continuing to let old clothing and knickknacks take up space, brave the clutter of your Cleveland closet, basement, or attic and search for old footwear! Once you’ve found some in good condition, you can drop them off in the labeled container in front of Second Sole in Lyndhurst.

Curious to learn more about what PPPF does to help out the less fortunate in Africa? Visit their website at to find out how giving your Cleveland, Ohio shoes to charity can make a huge difference in a family’s life. And after you donate your used athletic shoes, check out Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio to find a brand new pair! Give them a call at 440.449.8508 or visit

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