Second Sole Lyndhurst Provides Supplies, Advice, and So Much More to Runners in the Cleveland, Ohio Area

Where did Cleveland, Ohio area runners go for supplies, accessories, shoes, apparel, and advice before 1988? Today, it doesn’t even take a moment’s thought, but 25 years ago, Second Sole in Lyndhurst, Ohio had not yet been established. For the past 24 years, Second Sole has taken the lead in all things running and walking related in the Greater Cleveland area, leaving the competition in the dust.

So, how did they achieve this rapid rise to success? In a number of different ways. The first thing they did was hire experienced and knowledgeable athletes to staff the store. Anyone can be taught to run a cash register, but it takes a very special skill set to work with runners of all levels, and assist them in everything from finding the perfect shoes to the perfect stride.

That may sound trite to some, but consider this: hospital emergency rooms treat an average of 16,000 running related injuries each year! Running is more than just putting one foot in front of the other, and the professionals at Second Sole have made it their mission to work closely with each customer to ensure that they have the proper supplies and advice that will help them to avoid becoming one of those 16,000. It doesn’t matter if you’re a marathoner or a sprinter, a park jogger or a neighborhood stroller, the Second Sole Lyndhurst staff will provide you with their full attention, and help you to achieve a custom fit in shoes, apparel, and more.

Second Sole also provides support to Cleveland runners in the form of running groups and in-store events, as well as sponsorship of several local races throughout the year. Races are of varying lengths, and for runners of varying skill levels. They even help young runners start off on the right foot by working with the We Run This City Youth Marathon Program.

The goal at Second Sole is to help you to achieve your own goals by providing what you need to run farther and feel better. Even if you are not a runner, and your goal is simply to take better care of your feet, Second Sole of Lyndhurst is there to help you make it happen.

At, runners (and walkers!) can learn more about your Cleveland, Ohio location’s events, staff, products, and mission. You can also “friend” Second Sole Lyndhurst on Facebook or call them at 440.449.8508. Whatever your needs—runners shoes, accessories, apparel, supplies, or adviceSecond Sole of Lyndhurst, Ohio invites you to visit them in person because, as they say, “it’s what your feet deserve.”

Second Sole
5114 Mayfield Road
Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124
Phone: 440.449.8508
Fax: 440.449.1115
Hours: Monday – Friday 10am-8pm; Saturday 10am-6pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm

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