Shop for Glass Jewelry and Other Unique Gifts at The Art Gallery in Willoughby, Ohio

Art Gallery_LogoResidents from all over the Mayfield, Ohio and Euclid, Ohio areas regularly flock to The Art Gallery in Willoughby in order to get a closer look at the eye-catching pieces this reputable establishment has available. This season is an especially busy time for the locally owned gallery near Mentor, Ohio as their inventory now includes a wide assortment of summer accessories. With glass jewelry, specialty watches, and a number of other unique gifts being featured in their showroom, The Art Gallery gives customers the opportunity to purchase rare, beautiful items for their friends and family. Their upcoming photography show even allows art enthusiasts to pick up some of the latest images from local nature photographer Dean M. Chriss.

Art Gallery_WatchCraftTentatively scheduled for early May, the upcoming photography show at The Art Gallery will showcase several works from Dean M. Chriss’ collection. Each print is of exceptional quality, and makes for a fantastic conversation piece. In addition to landscape shots from North America, Malaysia, and Australia, Dean M. Chriss also has an impressive selection of wildlife stills featuring birds, bears, elk, tigers, orangutans, reptiles, and more. Needless to say, nature lovers throughout the Mayfield and Euclid areas will undoubtedly want to attend The Art Gallery’s upcoming photography show.

For those who prefer other mediums, rest assured that a trip to this local gallery near Mentor is still in order. Though next month’s event is largely considered to be a photography show, there will be a number of pieces from other artists as well. Painters, sculptors, woodworkers, and other artisans routinely host their work at The Art Gallery, so there is sure to be a variety of interesting items available for sale this May.

Art Gallery_Linda ShullThe large selection of summer accessories now being offered at The Art Gallery is also a good reason to pay this nearby establishment a visit. The Art Gallery’s owners are especially pleased with the specialty watches and glass jewelry currently in stock, referring to them as “extraordinarily beautiful” “one-of-a-kind pieces”! The WatchCraft line of specialty watches is unlike any other on the market. Featuring various materials, colors, and textures, these watches allow wearers to keep track of the time in a stylish manner. As far as summer accessories go, the glass jewelry available at The Art Gallery has also proven to be a big hit among customers. Glassmaker Linda Shull crafts colorful bracelets, watches, earrings, and other exciting pieces that are perfect for the season.

Art Gallery_Dean ChrissTo learn more about the specialty watches, glass jewelry, and other summer accessories available at The Art Gallery, visit or check out The Art Gallery’s Facebook page. By taking the trip from Mayfield, Ohio or Euclid, Ohio to this local gallery near Mentor, Ohio, residents can view a wide assortment of unique gifts in person. Additional information about the upcoming photography show can also be obtained from The Art Gallery’s staff.

The Art Gallery
4134 Erie St
Willoughby, Ohio 44094
Ph: 440.946.8001

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