WhirlyBall Cleveland Still a New Sport After 25 Years!

WhirlyBall, whose facility is located in Bedford Heights, Ohio, near Cleveland, is not a new sport. In fact, WhirlyBall Cleveland is celebrating a major milestone this year: their 25th Anniversary. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of people in the Cleveland area and throughout Northeast Ohio who have yet to discover WhirlyBall, so it may just be a new sport for you!

It is not just the WhirlyBall facility that has been around for a while, either. The component pieces of the sport have been around far longer than twenty-five years. Bumper cars were developed in the 1920’s. People have been playing jai alai since the 1700’s, so that’s definitely not a new sport. And the sport of basketball was invented in approximately 1891, so it had nearly a century on Whirlyball. So, really, what is so new and exciting about it? Continue reading