Make Pet Dental Care a Priority with Tips from All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge in Rittman, Ohio

Brushing your pet’s teeth is key to keeping them healthy. Whether you’re the proud pet parent of a Pug puppy or the esteemed owner of an adult Boxer, pet dental care is important! And according to the local vet staff at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge in Rittman, Ohio, it’s easier than most people in places like Seville, Ohio and Sterling, Ohio may think.

Starting out on pets that are new to the whole brushing gig can be simple. The process begins with picking out the materials to use for brushing. It is vital that you get a pet friendly toothpaste since human toothpaste contains so many extra things that are good and healthy for us, but not for our pets. And you may be surprised to know that pet toothpaste comes in some very special flavors for your picky friend. Poultry flavor, beef flavor, and the favorite choice of your local vet – vanilla mint flavor, included.

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