Share Your Pet with Others by Enrolling in Therapy Dog Class at Club K9 of Wickliffe near Cleveland, Ohio

Studies have shown that pet therapy is effective in a number of different cases. From disaster areas to hospice centers, dogs are used to provide comfort and affection to those in need. If your own dog has a calm yet friendly disposition, then you may want to consider enrolling them in therapy dog training from Club K9 of Wickliffe near Cleveland, Ohio. By taking your pup to therapy dog class at this local facility, they can receive instruction from professional canine trainers who will prep both of you for the Therapy Dog International (TDI) Evaluation. As Club K9 of Wickliffe is home to one of the few TDI-certified evaluators around the Mentor, Ohio; Eastlake, Ohio; and Mayfield Heights, Ohio areas, you can be sure your pet will get the expert guidance they need to become a top-notch therapy dog.

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