WhirlyBall & Lasersport in Bedford Heights, Ohio Is the Cleveland Area’s Best Place to Play and It’s Getting Bigger & Better

Where do you go to play in the Cleveland, Ohio area? If you didn’t answer WhirlyBall and Lasersport in Bedford Heights, Ohio, then you are missing out. If you did answer WhirlyBall and Lasersport, then you will be pleased to know that your favorite place to play for families, kids, and adults alike is about to get even bigger and better!

How could they improve this already fantastic facility that’s perfect for kids of all ages and kids at heart? Well, it starts with a 10,000 square foot expansion. If you can’t quite picture 10,000 square feet, here’s a reference that may help: a regulation tennis court is 800 square feet, so this expansion is about twelve and a half tennis courts! Wow!

Of course, it isn’t tennis balls that will be rolling around once the expansion is complete, but bowling balls! Continue reading