Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room: Specialty Drinks & Community Atmosphere in Independence, Ohio

Specialty coffees and teas at locally-owned Brielle's Coffee & Tea Room in Independence, OhioBrielle’s Coffee & Tea Room, located in Independence, Ohio, may just be one of those rare places that truly has something for everyone. Whether you come in for the specialty coffee and tea drinks, the dishes, or the relaxing atmosphere, or simply the desire to support a locally-owned, family operated business, the call to return will be there when you leave. And, when you do return, Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room will welcome just as warmly as the first time.

Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room was opened in 1993 by Laura and Tom Giomini. At the time, Laura was working in advertising and Tom was working in hospitality, but they were ready for a change. Continue reading