Second Sole Lyndhurst Is Helping Cleveland, Ohio Athletes to Save with Running Shoes & Sports Apparel Specials

The clouds are gone and the temperatures is rising!  What does that mean?  Summer has arrived, and many in Lyndhurst, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio are planning out your summer itineraries. Some of you may be planning to cool off in the shade of one of the many cave locations we have in Northeast Ohio after a hiking trip. Perhaps you’re heading out of state where you can see new and exciting sights. Or maybe your summer plan is to challenge yourself by preparing for a local marathon event. No matter what you have on your summer agenda, there is one thing that you will surely need—new shoes. But oh, how expensive new shoes can be! Well have no fear, Second Sole Lyndhurst is here! Right now you can save money with running shoes specials and winter sports apparel specials from Second Sole Lyndhurst. If your old shoes have seen better days or you don’t have the appropriate ones for a particular activity, stop by Second Sole Lyndhurst for some great footwear deals!

So just what kind of footwear deals are being offered by Second Sole Lyndhurst? Continue reading