WhirlyBall/Lasersport Has Your Cleveland Area Tax Season Stress Relief

Need some tax season stress relief? Work it out at WhirlyBall! WhirlyBall/Lasesport, near Cleveland, has everything you need to let go of the stresses of tax preparation and filing. Make this Cleveland area indoor sports arena your destination this April!

Tax day is a mere four weeks away, and you can see it in the frazzled looks on the faces of CPAs and individuals who have attempted to file their taxes themselves. There are other looks, too; the gleam in the eyes of folks checking their bank accounts each day to see if their refund has arrived, or the drawn features of those who have discovered that they owe. No matter what your tax circumstances are, it is a stressful time of year for nearly everyone.

So, how do you find tax season stress relief once April 17th has come and gone? Continue reading