Basketball or Baseball in Cleveland? No, Thanks; I’ll Take WhirlyBall

Let’s face it, the sports teams in Cleveland, well…to be kind we’ll just say that they aren’t quite as successful as one would hope. WhirlyBall rules when it comes to fun sports activities, both viewing and participating and here is why. Baseball is boring enough without the losing games element thrown in; so to add consistent losing adds another layer of suck to the baseball viewing experience in Cleveland. Without Lebron basketball in Cleveland is…you fill in the blank. If you are a Cleveland Sports Fan, you already know disappointment (quite well). But don’t let that keep you down. We have a solution that will work for any office sports junkie to the most inactive couch potato.

How about a sport where you get to be Lebron without actually exercising? WhirlyBall…. Continue reading

Team Building at its Best at WhirlyBall/LaserSport in Bedford Heights

WhirlyBall/Laser-Sport in Bedford Heights, Ohio, is the solution to your team building conundrum. Whatever your business or organization, you can easily strengthen relationships within your team when you bring them to this Cleveland area indoor sport arena.

Gone are the days of trust falls and other dated team building methods. WhirlyBall/Laser-Sport brings people together with a fun and energetic atmosphere, wherein your team works toward common goals. No matter who scores the winning point on the WhirlyBall court or eliminates that final opponent in the Laser-Sport arena, everyone comes out feeling like a winner.

With flashing lights, fog, glowing neon, and more, your team building session is a night of fun and games, not a staid, sedentary activity. Continue reading