Team Building at its Best at WhirlyBall/LaserSport in Bedford Heights

WhirlyBall/Laser-Sport in Bedford Heights, Ohio, is the solution to your team building conundrum. Whatever your business or organization, you can easily strengthen relationships within your team when you bring them to this Cleveland area indoor sport arena.

Gone are the days of trust falls and other dated team building methods. WhirlyBall/Laser-Sport brings people together with a fun and energetic atmosphere, wherein your team works toward common goals. No matter who scores the winning point on the WhirlyBall court or eliminates that final opponent in the Laser-Sport arena, everyone comes out feeling like a winner.

With flashing lights, fog, glowing neon, and more, your team building session is a night of fun and games, not a staid, sedentary activity. Coming together at WhirlyBall/Laser-Sport will show your team just what they can accomplish by working together and supporting one another while enjoying a kinetic atmosphere that infuses your team with excitement.

Both primary activities at this Cleveland area indoor sport facility, WhirlyBall and Laser-Sport, require teammates to band together, watching each other’s backs and working toward a common goal, both literally and figuratively. Additionally, when your team interacts in a casual, social setting, they are able to view one another in a different light. Initial judgments or impressions can change, creating new connections and opening lines of communication that had previously been limited or even closed, this improving the entire team dynamic.

In addition to spending time together outside of the office or typical setting, the team also has to combine their differing strategies and approaches into a single plan to overcome their obstacle. By listening to each other’s opinions and ideas, not only does the team become stronger, but so do the individuals. They are able to see the value in a new way of thinking, and incorporate new ideas into their own work. When the individuals on the team become stronger, they also strengthen the team as a whole.  That is team building at its best.

In a game of WhirlyBall, there are no “extra” players. Each player must do his or her part, from guarding the goal to moving the ball down the court. Likewise, in Laser-Sport, a strategy is necessary to gain points and eliminate as many “threats” as possible. These may come in the form of opposing players or from static locations throughout the arena. It will take the cooperation of each player to rack up the points and eliminate the threats.

WhirlyBall/Laster-Sport in Bedford Heights can accommodate groups as small as 10 or as large as 150 or more, making it an amazingly versatile location for team building for businesses and organizations of any size. You can reserve one or both WhirlyBall courts or the Laser-Sport arena. Rates are discounted if your reservations include both WhirlyBall and Laser-Sport for your Cleveland area team building session.

WhirlyBall/Laser-Sport is by reservation only. You can find additional information at their website, via email at, or call 216-591-0707. Call today to make your reservations for your company, organization, or group team building activities!

5055 Richmond Rd. at Miles
Bedford Heights, Ohio 44146
Phone: 216.591.0707
Fax: 216.591.0625

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