Visit E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home in Warrensville Heights, Ohio to Begin to Pre-Fund Your Funeral Service

You set money aside for the major purchases you’d like to make. You begin putting a portion of each paycheck into your retirement fund as soon as you start working. And if you are thinking of returning to school, you try to pay as much as you can out of pocket before you have to burden yourself with student loans. We all search for ways to save for future expenses. And if there is one expense that requires some investment, it’s your memorial service. With the casket, flowers, music, and actual interment, this end-of-life event quickly adds up. However, it is possible for you to save on funeral costs simply by visiting E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home. This Warrensville Heights, Ohio establishment can help you to pre-fund your funeral so your Bedford Heights, Ohio or Maple Heights, Ohio loved ones will have much lower burial costs to deal with down the road.

While this may seem like a very intriguing idea, you may protest that you don’t have the money to pre-fund your funeral service now. And that’s quite alright. The whole purpose of this convenient process is to help you save on funeral costs in the future. Once you’ve had a discussion with family members about your service, you can determine how much it will all cost. Then you can visit E.F. Boyd & Son at their Warrensville Heights location to learn about the flexible payment plans you have available to you.

Along with being able to pay installments, you can also avoid inflation by beginning to pay for a memorial service now. The price for a funeral has increased quite a bit over the past 25 years, and it will only continue to grow. By starting to pay into the event now, you can obtain death benefits that will be a huge help in spite of inflation. This way, your Bedford Heights or Maple Heights family will have significantly lower burial costs to pay.

Such an event may seem extremely far off in the future. And you have a long and happy life to look forward to yet! But it’s better to be prepared than to leave your Bedford Heights, Ohio or Maple Heights, Ohio family with the burden of paying for an expensive ceremony when you pass. So, help to lower burial costs in the future by beginning to pre-fund your funeral service today. By giving E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home a call at 216.831.7906, you can schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss what you can do to save on funeral costs. To learn more about this process before heading over to the Warrensville Heights, Ohio location, visit

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