WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport Indoor Gaming Is Your Rainy Day and Birthday Party Destination in the Chagrin Falls & Shaker Heights Area!

Calling all parents in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and Shaker Heights, Ohio! School is out, and the kids are ready to be entertained! But there are just a few things standing in your way of their happiness and your sanity! WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport in Bedford Heights, Ohio has an indoor gaming and birthday party area that is just the answer to keep the kids happy and moms’ and dads’ pockets even happier!

You have heard it many times before, “Mom, it’s too hot out!” or “Dad, there is nothing to do!” or “Mom, it’s raining!” or “Dad can my friends come over and play?” If one more “Mom!” or “Dad!” is about to put you over the edge, it’s time to call WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport! The indoor gaming area at WhirllyBall & Laser-Sport offers a place to take the kids for hours of entertainment, no matter what the weather, and ALL of their friends can go to!

Start by introducing your children to the world of WhirlyBall! Not to mention that it is just plain fun to say the word “whirlyball”…it’s also just plain fun to play! Enter the Whirly Zone and plan on taking a ride in a tricked out bumper car. Sure, it may look like an ordinary carnival bumper car, but the fact is, this highly maneuverable, specially equipped car is ready for action! Now, grab a weapon. Yes, it’s the one time you can actually give your children and their friends weapons and let them use it against each other! Okay…so the weapon of choice is actually a pretty harmless plastic, throwing and catching device. (But don’t let the kids in on that point: let them think they are using dangerous weapons to take over their opponents! It’s much more exciting!) The object of the game, if they choose to accept their mission, is to score the most points against their opponents within a 15 minute period. It’s as fun to watch all the action as it is to be a part of it! The kids will be laughing as they bump their way to victory! (WhirlyBall is for ages 9 and up and requires 10 players.)

Next, keep the action going as the kids leap from their cars and head on over to the Laser-Sport arena. There, they will don their laser gear, grab their weapons, and head on into the world of the unknown. Senses will be confused as they find their way through the darkness guided by special lighting effects and energy infused music! The mission: To tag other opponents with red laser beams without being tagged by others. With laser beams crisscrossing through the air, one must avoid being tagged while tagging others to score the most points for themselves and their team! It’s a dangerous mission (not really, but again, they don’t have to know that) with non-stop fun and excitement! (Laser tag is for ages 7 and up and requires at least 6 people to play.)

Now, seeing the kids in action has given you an idea, hasn’t it? Yes, it would be great to have your next birthday party here! And you are in luck! WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport offers birthday party packages with all the fun and excitement provided. And, clean-up is on the house. Party rooms are available for groups of 10 to 150, just call for details!

If you’re a parent in the Chagrin Falls, Ohio or Shaker Heights, Ohio area and plan on taking advantage of WhirlyBall & Laser-Sport’s indoor gaming area, please be sure to call and make a reservation! GROUP PLAY IS BY RESERVATION ONLY! Or, if you are looking to plan a kids birthday party, call them at 216-591-0707 today! They are open by reservation only and are located at 5055 Richmond Road at Miles in Bedford Heights, Ohio…or to check out all the Whirly fun go to www.whirlyballcleveland.com!

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