WhirlyBall & Lasersport: All-Ages Activities for Church Group Functions

WhirlyBall is all-ages fun for church groups and more!Looking for a way to breathe new life into church group functions and activities that feel a bit stale? Whirlyball/Lasersport in Bedford Heights, Ohio is the all-ages solution to the church group challenge!

Perfect for children’s groups – members as young as seven can participate in Lasersport, and just nine years old for WhirlyBall. Teens will love it, too, as they are free to explore the colorful, futuristic landscape of the Lasersport arena, and try to outsmart the stationary targets. To add to the Lasersport challenge, players will also have to contend with special lighting effects and fog that they can use to their advantage or can work against them as it disguises their opponents. Add in the upbeat, electrifying music, and you have the complete recipe for the most exiting outing your church group has ever attended!

What’s even better is that Bedford HeightsLasersport can have up to twenty-four players in the arena at once. So, adult leaders of youth groups can join the fun and be a kid for a day or you can even bring your church staff, adult bible study class, etc. out for a day of carefree fun. Or bring adults and kids to the arena, and see who comes out on top in the Lasersport challenge!

You can’t miss the opportunity to get kids and adults alike up and moving in this motivating atmosphere. Even members who are unable to participate can still be part of the fun by keeping up with the action on the lobby-area monitors. You’ve never seen anything like it, but once you have experienced it, it’s sure to become your church group’s new favorite destination!

WhirlyBall/Lasersport’s Bedford Heights location is an easy trip from nearly anywhere in Northeast Ohio, so don’t let the location discourage you from visiting this exciting facility!

But, wait…there’s more!

When you visit WhirlyBall/Lasersport, you can choose to utilize only the Lasersport arena, but your church group will be missing out on half the fun! Who wants to play only Lasersport when WhirlyBall is just on the other side of the building?

WhirlyBall and Lasersport is all-ages fun for church groups and more!If you’re making the trip to Bedford Heights, make sure you get the full experience by playing a few rounds of WhirlyBall, too. WhirlyBall is wild combination of several different sports and games. It is part carnival ride: the WhirlyBug, which is not unlike a bumper car. It is part basketball: the object is to get a whiffle ball through your goal—a 15 inch hole cut into a backboard placed 10 feet above the court. It is part jai alai: you do not get to just use your hands to toss the ball. Where’s the challenge in that? No, you will be scooping, tossing, and catching the ball using an apparatus that looks like a cross between a lacrosse stick and a tennis racket. Oh, and don’t forget one of the most important rules: one cheek on the seat at all times!

There are ten players on the WhirlyBall court at a time, and each is confined to his or her WhirlyBug, while still attempting to keep the ball out of the opposing team’s hands, and to score points by getting the ball through the goal. If it sounds confusing, visit www.WhirlyBallCleveland.com, and check out their photo gallery. It won’t take long for you see just how much fun a thirteen minute round of WhirlyBall can be for your church group or organization.

There are two WhirlyBall courts available, and with four games played per hour, it will not be difficult to ensure that everyone has a chance to take the WhirlyBall challenge, even if you have a large group.

If you’re ready to bring you church group to Bedford Heights, Ohio for WhirlyBall and Lasersport, give them a call today at 216.591.0707 to make your reservation, and be sure to ask about group rates or any specials they may have available!

5055 Richmond Rd. at Miles
Bedford Heights, Ohio 44146
Phone: 216.591.0707

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