WhirlyBall & Lasersport in Bedford Heights, Ohio Is the Cleveland Area’s Best Place to Play and It’s Getting Bigger & Better

Where do you go to play in the Cleveland, Ohio area? If you didn’t answer WhirlyBall and Lasersport in Bedford Heights, Ohio, then you are missing out. If you did answer WhirlyBall and Lasersport, then you will be pleased to know that your favorite place to play for families, kids, and adults alike is about to get even bigger and better!

How could they improve this already fantastic facility that’s perfect for kids of all ages and kids at heart? Well, it starts with a 10,000 square foot expansion. If you can’t quite picture 10,000 square feet, here’s a reference that may help: a regulation tennis court is 800 square feet, so this expansion is about twelve and a half tennis courts! Wow!

Of course, it isn’t tennis balls that will be rolling around once the expansion is complete, but bowling balls! That’s right: six brand new bowling lanes will be available when the expansion is completed, which is projected for Fall 2012. In addition to the bowling lanes, WhirlyBall/Lasersport will also be creating a patio area and an extension to their current bar. Enjoy the warm afternoons and the cooler evenings of autumn in Northeast Ohio, along with your favorite beverage (they offer beer, wine, soft drinks, and more!) in between rounds of Lasersport, bowling, and WhirlyBall.

Goldilocks would have loved WhirlyBall because it’s “just right.” Currently, children as young as seven can participate in Lasersport, and you only have to be nine years old for WhirlyBall. Once the bowling area opens, you may be able to bring even younger players along. As for teens and adults, let’s face it: there are some things that you never grow out of, and bumper cars is definitely one of them. If you thought that “play” was just for kids, the WhirlyBall facility in Bedford Heights will definitely change your mind.

So, loosen your tie, kick off your heels, and get ready to have some fun this fall! Instead of getting together to watch the game, head over to WhirlyBall and Lasersport, and be part of the game. Instead of spending another night at any old Cleveland, Ohio area bar, spend the evening at WhirlyBall’s patio bar and play a few rounds of Lasersport and bowling, too. It may be a good idea to head over now to get some practice in before the expansion is complete, so you can be the WhirlyBall all-star, and wow everyone in the fall!

The WhirlyBall courts and Lasersport arena are currently open by reservation only, so grab your friends and family, and reserve your spot today at Cleveland, Ohio and Bedford Heights, Ohio best place to play for kids and adults! Call 216.591.0707 or find them online at www.WhirlyBallCleveland.com today!

5055 Richmond Rd. at Miles
Bedford Heights, Ohio 44146
Phone: 216.591.0707
Fax: 216.591.0625
Email: Info@WBCleveland.com

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