WhirlyBall/Lasersport Has Your Cleveland Area Tax Season Stress Relief

Need some tax season stress relief? Work it out at WhirlyBall! WhirlyBall/Lasesport, near Cleveland, has everything you need to let go of the stresses of tax preparation and filing. Make this Cleveland area indoor sports arena your destination this April!

Tax day is a mere four weeks away, and you can see it in the frazzled looks on the faces of CPAs and individuals who have attempted to file their taxes themselves. There are other looks, too; the gleam in the eyes of folks checking their bank accounts each day to see if their refund has arrived, or the drawn features of those who have discovered that they owe. No matter what your tax circumstances are, it is a stressful time of year for nearly everyone.

So, how do you find tax season stress relief once April 17th has come and gone? You head toward Cleveland and visit WhirlyBall and Lasersport! Bring everyone in your firm for an afternoon or evening of fun where all the numbers are tracked by someone else! Or you can just round up a group of friends who also want to celebrate the end of tax season, and let it all go on the WhirlyBall court. Fling that little whiffle ball toward your goal with all of your might (you can even nickname it “IRS” if that helps), and watch as it sails through the goal or bounces of the backboard for another try.

WhirlyBall only has a few simple rules to follow, and they won’t change mid-game like tax laws, so you won’t have to worry about facts and figures, just fun! Zip along the court with your teammates, and just enjoy being freed from your desk, stacks of papers, and your computer.

If Cleveland’s WhirlyBall is not enough tax season stress relief for you, head over to the Lasersport arena. You can deactivate your targets with well-aimed “shots” from your laser whether they’re opposing teammates or the obstacles placed throughout the arena to add a little extra challenge to your game.

Let’s face it, at least once during tax season, you’ve wished you could “deactivate” the entire Internal Revenue Service, even if only for a few hours. Now, you can forget all about tax season stress in the Lasersport arena. With the futuristic gear and landscape, you can easily imagine yourself in a distant future in which taxes file themselves!

In between rounds of WhirlyBall and Lasersport, you can take a breather at the bar, and have a celebratory drink. It may not be enough to keep you going until tax season rolls around again, but your Cleveland area WhirlyBall/Lasersport is available all year long, so you can stop back in whenever you need to.

Find hours, rates, directions, and more online at www.WhirlyBallCleveland.com or call 216-591-0707 to reserve space for tax season stress relief today!

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